Brewing Ingredients Part 2: Hops & Yeast

Brewing Ingredients Part 2: Hops & Yeast

Our fourth course completes the brewing ingredients 2 part series with hops and yeast. Hops historically provided a number of important aspects to our beer, namely preservative qualities. Today, they are the “spice” and aroma of our beer that brewers and customers can’t get enough of. Yeast, while being the tiniest portion of our beer, plays the largest role in its creation. This course will look at the varieties and selection of both, as well as how to best manage them for flavor and cost savings.  

  • Hop agriculture, biology, products, and evaluation
  • How to use hops in recipes- chemistry, timing, and considerations
  • Yeast biochemistry and sourcing
  • Yeast management and calculating pitching rates
  • Supplemental reading, videos, and discussions.

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Brewing Ingredients Part 2: Hops & Yeast

  • Cheryl Parker

    Cheryl Parker

    Cheryl Parker is the manager for the UNH Brewery and instructor for undergraduate and certificate courses in brewing. After her degree from UNH she worked as a technician and laboratory manager for remote research stations around the world before getting trained in brewing at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. She has previously worked as a brewer for Throwback Brewery in North Hampton, NH and interned at Lake Effect Brewery in Chicago. She brings a unique mix of science, management, brewing, and technical skills to the UNH Brewing program.  

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