Good Grammar: A Refresher Course at UNH

Good Grammar: A Refresher Course

Grammar is often an obstacle for even the most intelligent and articulate of us. The way we handle, or mishandle, language seriously impacts our ability to do justice to our ideas. We want to be clear and compelling communicators, but we worry about being judged instead by our pronouns and clauses. It doesn't have to be that way! You can learn to competently apply the rules and customs of effective language without reliving the agonies of the sixth grade.

This workshop offers a review of the key points of grammar, with some attention to punctuation and style. You'll do a self-assessment of your skills and develop helpful strategies for continuous improvement.

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Good Grammar: A Refresher Course

  • Jim Milliken

    Jim Milliken is a training consultant who specializes in communication, project management, and workplace skills. His clients include large and small corporations, academia, and nonprofits throughout New England.

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