Google Analytics at UNH

Google Analytics I

Google Analytics is a free enterprise analytics app that offers powerful tools to collect data on your website or app that tracks valuable customer insights.  Whether you are new to Google Analytics or looking to better utilize your data, this workshop offers the perfect introduction to the basics of web analytics.

Using Google Analytics, you will achieve basic mastery in metrics and reporting as well as learn to use data to answer questions about how, who and why people are coming to your websites and apps.  Course topics will include data architecture, collecting data, building reports, actionable insights and tips and tricks.

Workshop Notes

Students need to bring a laptop, PC or Mac, with them to class.

To gain full benefits from this class you need to complete these steps PRIOR to attending:

  • Have Google Analytics installed on your website
  • Get access to your GA account from your administrator or IT person
  • Have logged into your GA account successfully 
  • Bring a Mac or PC that has Chrome to access Google Analytics during the class.

Class time cannot be spent resolving individual GA access issues.  If you have problems with your Google Analytics account, please show up to class early for possible help. If you can’t get access to your data you will setup to use the GA Demo account (an Ecommerce Store) during class.

What You Will Learn


Google Analytics I

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The Value of your Data
  • Why: Google Analytics
  • Data Architecture
    • Website
    • Mobile
  • Collecting Data
    • Basic Filters
    • Setting Goals
  • Building Reports
    • Overview
    • Audience Reports
    • Acquisition Reports
    • AdWords Reports
    • Behavior Reports
    • Ecommerce Reports
    • Advanced Reports
  • Dashboard Design
  • Building Alerts and Automated Emails
  • Exporting Data to Excel and other tools
  • Tips and Tricks to make you a GA Rock star
  • Actionable Insights

Instructor Bios


Google Analytics I

  • Alec Newcomb

    Alec Newcomb

    Learn from Alec Newcomb who has helped numerous Top 100 Amazon brands as well as many small New England companies find success selling on Amazon. Alec Newcomb has spent 18 years in a variety of digital leadership roles, from running the early search engine, Lycos, to his current position as CEO of ScaledOn. He has taught classes at the University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, Champlain College and various digital boot camps on marketing, ecommerce, and analytics. He is a frequent industry speaker at Nielsen events, ERA, Consumer Goods Forum, Internet Retailer and Mobile Marketing Forum.

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