Manage Not to Micromanage

How to Manage without Micromanaging

You’re responsible for the results of your team and you want to get the best quality and productivity from them. You know that requires oversight, but when does it become micromanaging?

What is the “just right” amount and when does it cross the line?

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to navigate this tricky—and critical—aspect of managing others.

Micromanaging is one of THE most important mistakes managers make and it costs employers dearly.

In fact, research by Blessing/White has shown that having autonomy—i.e. freedom from micromanaging—is THE #1 driver of discretionary effort—i.e. employees working harder than required to keep their jobs.

What You Will Learn


How to Manage without Micromanaging

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Identify how much oversight an employee needs.
  2. Provide clear, actionable expectations and feedback, so employees are set up to succeed.
  3. Discuss what you need from an employee for you to provide greater autonomy.

Instructor Bios


How to Manage without Micromanaging

  • David Lee

    David Lee is the founder and principal of HumanNature@Work. He is an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement. He is author of "Managing Employee Stress and Safety" as well as nearly 100 articles and book chapters on organizational and individual performance published in trade journals and books in the U.S. and abroad. He has held positions as a supervisor and trainer in the corporate world and a clinician and trainer in the healthcare field.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
David Lee
279.00 Tuition