Introduction to User Experience (UX)

Introduction to User Experience (UX)

Participate in a step-by-step User Experience (UX) process that will give you the opportunity to understand the bigger picture behind User Experience.

In Introduction to User Experience we'll uncover the answers to a few common questions that we encounter when building websites, web apps or mobile apps. What is the purpose behind design? Are we able to solve problems through UX design? Are we designing to please our clients, or focusing on the other side of the table, the user? Are we satisfying the user's needs? What does our targeted audience look like, and how do they behave online? What does success mean for a company, and how can we achieve that success effectively with UX design?

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Introduction to User Experience (UX)

  • Fred Schall

    Fred Schall

    Fred Schall started his love affair with web design and development in the late 90's. He has dual degrees in Computer Science and Web Development. He currently teaches Advanced Web Design and User Experience at Southern New Hampshire University. Fred worked for a few large agencies in Southern California, developing campaigns for large brands such as DirecTV, Petco, and Powerade. In 2009 he became the Co-Owner of  Schall Creative, moved the company to Manchester in 2010 and continues to thrive for his work every day.

09:00am - 03:30pm
GSC Manchester
Fred Schall
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