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Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence is about creating a new dimension of personal and professional success by embracing, modeling, and implementing the core concepts, techniques, and philosophy contained in the four operating pillars of excellence.

The four pillars of excellence, or as some people might say, the four operating themes of excellence consist of techniques, principles, and models which managers and future managers can embrace and implement in their respective organizations, leading to a state of excellence and enhanced operational success. Both the manager and organization benefit from the deployment of these operating philosophies and principles.

The following is a short profile of each of the four themes of excellence:

  • Transformational Leadership - transforming or improving the team or organization by embracing a vision of an ideal operating state and a set of humanistic operating principles that will act to guide and shape behavior as the team or organization drives towards achieving the vision.
  • Creating High Performing Teams - infusing the team or operation with a sense of passion and purpose based on the operation principle of shared ownership. Other team operating principles such as respect, trust, collaboration, openness, teamwork, accountability also become part of the new operation environment.
  • Operation Excellence - exploiting the tools and techniques of concepts like continuous process improvement, Kaizen, and lean operations that make up the driving forces of Total Quality Management. This theme presents the operating philosophy that you do not need a formal and comprehensive program to improve quality and service. You can create a pocket of excellence within your sphere of control; you as an individual can make a difference.
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement - creating a sense of ownership and inclusion by formally instituting a set of operating principles that include such principles as: trust, respect, open communications, accountability, empowerment, shared ownership, and fun. An operating culture that includes a concept such as "it's okay to make a mistake, we'll treat it as a learning experience" - without embracing this simple concept, creativity will suffer.
  • Please note that each student is getting the" Leadership Excellence book.  The book price is included in your tuition.

Instructor Bios


Leadership Excellence

  • Peter Hughes, M.Ed | Founder, High Performing Leadership LTD

    Peter Hughes, M.Ed., is a part-time faculty member at the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College of Business and Economics, where he teaches organizational behavior. He also teaches at Cambridge College’s Graduate School of Management leading courses in operations and total quality management, organizational development, and transformational leadership. Peter has worked with numerous hospitality and service organizations. More recently, he was hired by the country of Anguilla to help improve the tourism experience for international visitors. Peter’s business career encompasses diverse industries where he has served as Manufacturing Manager, Corporate Project Manager and Director of Organizational Development. He is also the President & CEO of High Performing Leadership, Ltd, and the author of the book, Leadership and the Road to High Performance.

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09:00am - 03:30pm
09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
Peter Hughes
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