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Lean Project Management

The concept of Lean is being used in many industries and businesses. Originally developed for manufacturing, Lean is primarily about solving problems and can be applied in most types of organizations. You will explore and discuss basic Lean principles and thinking as used in Project Management. Special emphasis on remote working.

Workshop topics will include people involvement; waste reduction; standardization; visual management; A3 problem solving; value stream mapping; and 5S workplace organization. Virtual hands-on demonstrations and discussions will be used to emphasis concepts.

This class was previously titled "Lean Concepts and Problem Solving."


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Lean Project Management

  • Joe Cunningham

    Joe Cunningham

    Joe Cunningham has worked as an Industrial Engineer for many years in industry improving processes and reducing waste. Currently he is a professor at New Hampshire Technical Institute and UNH Manchester, teaching Automation and Lean Manufacturing in the engineering technology programs.

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