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Local Search and SEO

Are you ready to attract more visibility to your brand, more web traffic to your site, and bring your business to the next level?

In this comprehensive workshop, we break down Search Engine Optimization (SEO): what it is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to rank your content across major search engines online. Now that the majority of online traffic is search-engine driven, it has never been so important to learn how to efficiently promote and optimize your digital brand.

In addition to understanding how search engines work and how to use them to leverage your content, you will also walk away from this course knowing how to:

  • Elevate online visibility: increase digital exposure for your brand.
  • Identify emerging trends: learn up-to-date advice and practices for SEO today.
  • Optimize key ranking factors: understand how links, keywords, and optimized content are major SEO tools.

Capture your audience by knowing which types of content people are looking for and when to deliver it.



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Instructor Bios


Local Search and SEO

  • Marlana Trombley

    Marlana is a Growth Marketing Strategist and Educator focused on solving your most pressing marketing challenges. She structures her classes with action-packed best practices to grow your company.  

    She currently is the VP of Marketing at Orbit Group.

    Backed with industry certifications, her expertise extends across brand, growth and digital marketing. She has specifically established a name for herself with her mastery of social media, social media advertising, local search engine optimization, email, content marketing, and brand development.

    Marlana shares growth strategies that produce high-quality results. There is a reason why her workshops often sell out. Her classes foster a laser-focused atmosphere; they are designed to maximize your time and effort as you uncover the right high-impact tactics for your organization and industry. Marlana is constantly learning and adapting to changes in algorithms and platforms, providing you the most relevant material. She is full of energy and is ready to answer your most pressing questions.  

    Marlana’s passion goes beyond marketing, shining through with her board involvement and volunteer efforts. She recently earned her spot in 2019 ‘40 under Forty’ Class for the state of New Hampshire.

    Marlana recharges by teaching Latin & Ballroom dance, listening to podcasts, exploring NH with her husband, Jeff, their son Luca, and their dog, Rigley. She is also on a mission to move her parents and twin brother to NH!  

09:00am - 03:30pm
Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
Marlana Trombley
289.00 Tuition
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