Project Management for Business Change at UNH

Project Management for Business Change

Never have businesses faced such drastic change and uncertainty as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of just a few months, entire industries have been forced to implement major change initiatives to their people, processes, and tools in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing business climate.

The job of implementing these major change initiatives inevitably falls to project managers, who are now being looked at as organizational change agents more critical to business success than ever before. Are you prepared to handle so much responsibility in such a foreign environment?

In Project Management for Business Change, you’ll learn a defined process for consciously and predictably implementing major change initiatives so you can guide your company with confidence to their desired outcomes. A focus will be given to Emotional Intelligence and the social component of change as projects of change must be managed, and ultimately accepted, by individuals and teams in order to be effective.

In this workshop, students will follow best practices of designing and executing a sample project for major change. Emphasis will be placed on the project manager’s use of change management tools, and how they fit into the project management lifecycle.

Hear what participants are saying about the Project Management for Business Change workshop:

"John's experience and insight, combined with the perspectives of the attendees. It's always great to get new perspectives and insight from others from different disciplines and fields."

"It's nice to be surrounded by people that work in different areas than mine to get an outside perspective."

"Every part of the workshop was valuable and I will be using the what I've learned with my team."

"Learning how to structure questions to create a heat map of risk areas with business changes was incredibly valuable."


Tools & Materials


Project Management for Business Change

All course resources and materials will be provided.

Instructor Bios


Project Management for Business Change

  • John P. Tansey

    John P. Tansey has a history of guiding technical companies through compliance risk and/or commercial challenges. His Project Leadership approach (to Project Management) was developed after years of delivering strategic initiatives in the most highly regulated industries ranging from $30M Global Programs to $3M Small Businesses; including grenade launchers, aircraft parts, and medical device. John now helps companies control Cost, Quality, and Schedule through the PM Partnership; an outsourced Project Management business for companies who don't retain that expertise in-house. John holds a BSME from UNH in 2004, and an MBA from UNH in 2009; In 2008 he was a Holloway semi-finalist. Additional certifications include Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP, and Spanish Bi-lingual.

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