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Soil Morphology/Describing Soils

6 CEHs for Wetland and Soil Scientists, 1.5 CEUs for Surveyors
6 CEUs for Foresters
Approved for 6 NHDES Subsurface Bureau credit hours.

This one-day refresher workshop covers how to describe soil horizons, soil color, redoximorphic features, soil textures, soil consistency, soil structure, geomorphic characteristics, and soil taxonomy at the soil series level. You will learn about the basics of soil profile development and its application for soil interpretations. Coursework includes both lecture and field exercises. The Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils, Version 3.0 (2012) will be provided. If possible, bring tile spades, soil augers, and one of the Munsell color books. Old copies of Munsell color books will be available for student use. If you want to purchase a Munsell color book, an educational discount is available through Pantone LLC at (201) 777-5930 or pdurante@pantone.com.

This workshop was previously called Describing and Sampling Soils.

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Soil Morphology/Describing Soils

  • Jim Gove

    Jim Gove

    Jim Gove, CSS, CWS, CPSC, CPESC, M.S. in Plant Science, is president and senior soil and wetland scientist for Gove Environmental Services, Inc., in Exeter, NH. He has been working in the field of soil and wetland science for over 35 years and has authored, co-authored, and contributed to several soil science publications. He is currently president of the Society of Soil Scientists of Northern New England and a member of the New England Hydric Soils Technical Committee. His particular areas of expertise include wetland delineation procedures, wetland impact permitting, wetland mitigation and restoration, site specific soil surveys, hydric soil assessments, and soil profile analysis.

9:30am - 4:30pm
James Gove
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