Wetland Delineation Map Preparation

Wetland Delineation Map Preparation

This is a two day course with independent study between the two course days. There will be a final review day on August 31st for all students.

On the first day you (the student) will meet with the certified wetland scientist at the delineation site.  You will meet as a group of six students.  The wetland scientist will walk over the site with you, discussing the delineation, and the boundary limits of the site.  The wetland scientist will then leave you to work independently, and not as a group, on the site.  You will independently delineate the wetlands on the site, using your cell phones and a GPS application to locate the wetland boundary points in the field.  This may take more than the day, and you are allowed to work on the site for the next 10 days.  At the end of the 10 day period, you are to upload the wetland boundary points to UNH, who will overlay the points on the certified wetland delineation.  On the 14th day, you will meet with the wetland scientist onsite, as a group, and the wetland scientist will review the delineations and discuss areas of disagreement with the certified delineation.  A final wetland delineation map will be provided to you electronically.  If the wetland scientist believes you have completed the delineation correctly, the delineation map will include the stamp of the certified wetland scientist.
This is a course that will provide the opportunity for the student to have 6 wetland delineation maps that have been reviewed and certified by a wetland scientist.  The course will be held in 6 sections, one for each map. Each two day section = one map. Students may enroll in individual sections to acquire up to 6 total maps. All students will have the opportunity to work with multiple wetland scientists and see the different approaches each has to the site.

Questions? Please contact Kyle Hirshkind (kyle.hirshkind@unh.edu) or 603-862-4312

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