• Training Solutions for Your Organization
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  • Training Solutions for Your Organization
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Creating a customized training solution for your team has never been easier. 

UNH Professional Development & Training works directly with organizations to define their training needs and craft individualized plans that align 
with their culture, strategic priorities, timeline, and budget. 

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Not sure where to begin? Many organizations find success by reviewing our existing workshop catalog for inspiration and adapting programming to fit their needs. Programs can also be created 'from scratch' and designed in collaboration with our team of expert facilitators. 

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Training Locations

Flexibility is the new normal, and our training solutions reflect that.
Training can be delivered on-site at your organization, at a private venue, at one of our training locations in Portsmouth or Manchester, or live online.  We can also schedule your staff to join existing open enrollment workshops offered in Durham, Portsmouth, Manchester, or virtually. 

Custom Training Success Stories

The UNH professional staff was outstanding in working with us to design, develop and implement the program. They understood our modest budget and willingly worked with us to keep our expenses within our budgetary confines.

City of Manchester


City of Manchester


The City of Manchester needed help in developing its future leaders.  UNH’s Professional Development and Training division came to our rescue.  Working in concert with the city, the Manchester Leadership Academy was launched.

The UNH professional staff was outstanding in working with us to design, develop and implement the program. They understood our modest budget and willingly worked with us to keep our expenses within our budgetary confines.  The resulting Leadership Academy did not disappoint.  

The UNH PD&T instructors led a group of 24 of the city’s up-and-coming leaders through an unforgettable educational experience.  Over the workshop of four months participants uncovered leadership abilities they didn’t know they possessed and discovered new individual inner strengths and competencies. Participants learned from one another. They not only experienced the challenges of a multifaceted workforce teaming together to address common functional goals, but also faced the unique dynamics associated with municipal government.   

Participants problem solved real-time challenging city issues and served as a “think tank” to assess, trouble shoot and recommend solutions to the governing body. It was exciting to see employees working together in teams outside their professional skill sets and departments.  An amazing, valuable take away from the Academy is the creation of lasting interdepartmental relationships that can serve the city well in the future and which most likely would not have happened albeit for this great partnership with UNH.  


ICL Autos


At UNH Professional Development & Training (PD&T), our mission is to empower organizations to thrive through customized training solutions that drive excellence. The story of our partnership with ICL Autos is a shining example of how our commitment to client success transforms businesses. 

ICL Autos approached us with a critical need: to revamp their training program and elevate the skills of their leadership team. Their journey with UNH PD&T began when one of their team members, who had previously experienced our training expertise, recommended us without hesitation.  

Our initial engagement with ICL Autos involved providing leadership training for their senior leadership team. However, what truly set this partnership apart was their CEO's profound experience during the training. It inspired ICL Autos to explore further custom training opportunities for their entire staff. 

ICL Autos had a clear goal in mind – to enhance the soft skills of their leadership team, which already possessed a deep understanding of their industry. To make this goal a reality, we assigned Instructor David Lee to the task. David's approach was a game-changer; he employed interactive and engaging learning activities that empowered ICL Autos' leaders to develop impactful leadership skills, ready to be applied within their teams. 

What truly defines this success story is the spirit of collaboration that permeated our partnership. ICL Autos initially approached us without a precise plan for custom training. Yet, with the dedication of our program managers and instructors, we swiftly identified the right training opportunities. This enabled us to not only meet their immediate needs but also expand their training initiatives at an impressive pace, benefiting more of their staff. 

At UNH PD&T, we take immense pride in being more than just a training provider; we are a strategic partner in our clients' growth journeys. Our partnership with ICL Autos exemplifies this ethos. We didn't just deliver training; we opened doors for future collaborations and partnerships. 

We are honored to have played a role in ICL Autos' transformation and are excited to continue supporting them on their path to excellence. As we reflect on this success story, we invite other organizations seeking tailored and impactful training solutions to join us in their pursuit of excellence. Thank you, ICL Autos, for entrusting UNH PD&T with your professional development journey. Together, we are shaping a brighter future.