USNH Noncredit Tuition Discount
UNH Alumni Discount

USNH Noncredit Tuition Discounts for USNH Benefits-eligible Employees

If you are an eligible USNH employee, your tuition benefit will cover approximately 47% of the fee (the total tuition amount minus the cost of meals, handouts, and facilities) of UNH Professional Development & Training noncredit offerings. The benefit may exclude some special programs and/or online noncredit offerings*. UNH staff may also be  eligible to apply for the staff professional development grant.

If you wish to use your USNH tuition benefit towards one or more Professional Development & Training (PD&T) offerings, the process is as follows:

1) Log in to your WISE account to submit a request for the tuition benefit. Please do this the same day you register for the course. 

2) Register for the PD&T offering using this website and in the Apply a Discount field, enter "USNH". Your tuition will be automatically recalculated to include the employee discount. Continue checkout, paying the remainder due.

More information on completing your WISE form:

Be sure to select “Univ of NewHampshire-Noncredit” in the USNH Institution of Course field, and then select the “Semester/Term” for the course you will be registering for.

If approved, your request will be automatically routed from WISE and available to PD&T for processing.  If you indicated the course was during work hours, the request is routed to your supervisor and Human Resources for approval. If registering for multiple courses during work hours, please note you are required to submit a separate tuition benefit request for each course in WISE. Once approved, your request will be reflected in your WISE account and PD&T will be notified. If your tuition benefit request is not approved or you did not submit a request in WISE, your discount will be voided and you will be responsible for paying the full amount.

Please note: your registration is not finalized until the employee registration is paid and your tuition benefit request is approved. If you have questions, please call our office at 603-862-7380 or the HR office at your USNH institution.

UNH Alumni Discount

Members of the University of New Hampshire/Durham alumni community are eligible for a 10% discount off UNH Professional Development & Training workshops and conferences.*

Use the code "UNH-Alum" in the Apply a Discount field when registering online. Your registration will be finalized upon confirmation of alumni status. For questions about discount eligibility, call (603) 862-7380. 

USNH employees who are also UNH alumni may use one code - the tuition benefit discount OR the UNH alumni discount.


*Discount does not apply toward courses offered externally through vendor programs such as Coding Boot Camp, Ed2Go, CCI, Trilogy or VESI.