• Online:  VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (we do not accept e-checks)
  • Offline:  Paper checks

For Professional Development & Training payments by companies or schools:  If your company or school is paying by a method other than a credit card, please submit your registration request online and then select the option to 'pay by another method' during the checkout process, and then contact the Professional Development & Training Office (603-862-7380) to make arrangements.

When you proceed through checkout, you are entering your credit card information with a payment gateway--a vendor who processes our credit card payments. We do not collect or retain credit card information in our application.

  • Receipt 1:  You receive a receipt from us (UNH-Learn.For.Life@unh.edu) verifying that your payment has been received. If this is your initial payment, this also registers you.
  • Receipt 2:  You receive a receipt from our payment gateway (usnh_asp@infinet-inc.com), who processed the transaction. Your credit card statement will have a description containing UNH/KSC/PSU/GSC/USNH

To retrieve your certificate of completion from your Learn for Life portal account, please follow the instructions via the link below: