Grantmanship Certificate

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The Certificate Program in Grantsmanship will provide you with practical skills to develop and write grant proposals as well as manage the grant projects effectively once your grant comes in.

You will learn about researching and applying for grants, how to develop a creative idea, locate the right funding source, and write an effective proposal. In addition to grant writing, you will also learn practical strategies for managing your project, keeping it on time and on budget, developing appropriate reporting methods, and dealing effectively with others who are involved in the project. Electives will be offered to enable you to enhance your grant writing and fundraising skills.

The program is offered at Pease in Portsmouth and in Manchester and consists of three required workshops and two electives that can be chosen from a variety of offerings. You are required to complete the program within two years. For those wishing to complete the program sooner, sufficient topics are offered each year.

3 Required Workshops:

Electives (choose two):

Examples of electives offered in a variety of topics designed to enhance your grant writing and fundraising skills:

Note: Seminars marked with a GW at the end of their description apply to this program.

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