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UNH Telehealth CertificateUNH Telehealth Certificate
May 15th - June 23rd, 2023

The Telehealth Landscape (UNH Telehealth Certificate) introduces telehealth to healthcare professionals and represents the first in a series of telehealth trainings to be offered by UNH Telehealth Practice Center. The curriculum covers a range of topics with elective modules that can be selected by the learner based on their area(s) of interest. The course combines a variety of learning modalities including both synchronous and asynchronous components. This structure lends itself to busy individuals who prefer to complete the coursework at their own pace but also find value coming together with other professionals for a live discussion of the material. The course includes six modules, with each module estimated to take approximately four hours to complete.



Telehealth in Practice at UNHTelehealth in Practice: A Virtual Workshop
Begins December 12, Live Online

Telehealth in Practice is a 2-hour Live Online workshop that offers an introduction to key telehealth concepts with a sampling of material from the Telehealth Certificate Course. The workshop will include the following topics:

  • Telehealth Etiquette
  • Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities


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