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Personalizing for Proficiency: Pedagogy and Practices for Student-Centered Learning


With growing recognition of learner variability and increased demand for addressing each learner’s needs, personalization has become a centerpiece in education redesign. Whether online, blended or face to face, competency-based learning requires a set of tools and practices for shifting pedagogy to proficiency for every learner. This session will take an in depth look at essential knowledge, skills and resources for personalizing learning for every student. The workshop includes: participants’ perspectives and questions regarding personalization; distinctions between personalization and individualization; and a SWOT analysis of current situations. Participants will develop a set of steps to take toward personalizing learning in their educational contexts.

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Personalizing for Proficiency: Pedagogy and Practices for Student-Centered Learning

  • Kim Carter

    Kim Carter is executive director of the Q.E.D. Foundation, an organization of adults and youth working together to create and sustain student-centered learning communities. Kim is passionate about democratic schooling, educational equity, and learning theory, and she has decades of expertise in developing adult and youth capacities for co-constructing learning experiences inside and outside of school. She was 1991 NH Teacher of the Year and 1996 NH Media Educator of the Year. Kim serves on the NHASCD executive board, is a long-time Coalition of Essential Schools Affiliate, contributes to the national Education Reimagined Collaborative Community, and is a Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow.

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