Play-Based Learning for the 21st Century

Play-Based Learning for the 21st Century

Many states have adopted a play-based curriculum for kindergarten. Play can often be misinterpreted as being totally unfocused and unworthy as a teaching tool. Let’s work together to really define play and all its components as well as classroom strategies to guide children’s play. We will learn to increase attention, curiosity, and focus via center work, open-ended experiences, and child-centered exploration with a variety of themes to reach and teach. Play initiatives for the 21st century suggest that we discover each child’s talents, needs, and abilities. Come and learn about Universal Design Model of Learning (UDL) as a construct to help us provide playful learning. 

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Play-Based Learning for the 21st Century

  • Tere Bowen-Irish

    Tere Bowen-Irish has been practicing occupational therapy for over 40 years in pediatrics and psychiatry. Tere focuses on providing assessment, treatment and collaborative services in public and private school systems. Through her business, All the Possibilities Inc., she offers workshops for therapists, parents and educators with a focus on service delivery, classroom management, mindfulness, wellness and prevention for all school age children. Tere is also the creator of The Drive Thru Menu Suite of Exercises, (published by Therapro) which is an initiative to bring movement into today’s classrooms. She is a certified YogaKids Inc. teacher and incorporates creative movement and yoga into her practice. She is a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor. She is the author of Yoga and Me, Come be a Tree and co-authored My Mindful Music with Mary Ann Harman.

    Visit her website, www.allthepossibilitiesinc.com or email her at tereirish-at-gmail.com

09:00am - 03:30pm
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Tere Bowen-Irish
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