Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom

Please note that this class will be offered in hybrid format in the fall of 2021. The program manager will reach out to you to ask your preferred format - in-person at UNH-Manchester, or live online.

Trauma-Informed Tools to Support SEL, Academic Success, Behavior and Climate

In this experiential session, learn how integrating simple, engaging, developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices, specifically designed for the time and space crunched classroom (including online classrooms) can be a convenient, engaging and effective way to promote the development of SEL competencies, positive climate and student success.

Participants will learn a variety of practical strategies they can immediately use with their students and for themselves, as well as research, case studies, and best practices for building support in their school community. Illustrated handouts and access to a library of additional helpful resources will be provided.

This offering serves as the foundational workshop presented through Yoga 4 Classrooms (www.yoga4classrooms.com)


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Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom

09:00am - 03:30pm
UNH Manchester - Hybrid (In-person or live online)
169.00 Tuition
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