Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract at UNH

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract

All you need is two days to get started on how to create your own smart contracts. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn what all the fuss is about, but never had the time to dive into it yourself, this workshop is for you.

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract is different because it keeps a general approach. We’ll use the open source Truffle framework as the base on which to create smart contracts. The course isn’t meant to promote a specific framework or working environment, therefore we have more time to teach you how to actually create smart contracts, how to deploy them, and how to test them.

You'll also learn the basic concepts behind blockchain architecture and how they might affect your codes. In the end, you'll have all of the tools that are required to start and produce your own smart contracts and to allow you to continue your education on your own.

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract is offered in partnership with The Blockchain Academy.

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What You Will Learn


Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract

Workshop topics include:

  • Introducion to Blockchain - what is it?
  • What is Bitcoin and what is Ether?
  • Begin to setup development environment: setup for Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Setup Private Ethereum Private Network - Ether mining
  • Understanding Ethereum Gas & OpCodes Introduction to Smart Contract - Hello World version of a simple Smart Contract
  • Full development of a Decentralized Application, DApp - with a web front-end
  • Deploy DApp to private network
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