Applied Leadership Institute

Applied Leadership Institute

The Applied Leadership Institute is comprised of three one-day sessions aimed at helping participants become transformational leaders who can create significant improvements in their organization's operational performance.

A session will be offered every other week to allow time in between for participants to process information and apply it in a practical way to their workplace. The institute has been designed to meet the unique leadership challenges and change management needs of today's managers and supervisors who are being pressured to reduce their operating budgets, do more with less, maintain a high level of performance, and effectively deal with the tremendous issues of globalization, outsourcing, and a slow economy.

The overarching objective of the institute is to help managers successfully transition their operations to a new dimension of success and achievement by strengthening their leadership competencies, behaviors, style, and management approach. You will gain specific leadership, team development, and change management skills that will result in improved individual, team, and process performance.

Practical, state-of-the-art business and leadership concepts, theories, and approaches will be covered. You will review the characteristics and behaviors of highly effective change-oriented teams and develop a blueprint for improving your own leadership style as well as transforming your organization and its processes.

Course Fee: $899.00 tuition (non-credit)

What You Will Learn


Applied Leadership Institute

Day 1

You will focus on the individual leader, looking at the characteristics that make an optimal leader, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, and discussing how operational challenges and trends affect leadership style. You'll form working teams and experience practical leadership activities designed to enhance your skills.

Day 2

You will focus more on the organizational processes and how to incorporate process improvement and positive change into your workplace.

Day 3

You will examine the qualities that are present in a high performing organizational teams and culture, receive a 360-degree assessment, and participate in simulation exercises that will heighten your understanding and skills as a team participant. The institute is geared to any managers or supervisors, regardless of your functional position in the organization. If you are able to bring more than one manager from your organization to participate in the institute, you will maximize the learning outcomes and benefits gained.

Instructor Bios


Applied Leadership Institute

  • Peter Hughes, M.Ed | Founder, High Performing Leadership LTD

    Peter Hughes, M.Ed., is a part-time faculty member at the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College of Business and Economics, where he teaches organizational behavior. He also teaches at Cambridge College’s Graduate School of Management leading courses in operations and total quality management, organizational development, and transformational leadership. Peter has worked with numerous hospitality and service organizations. More recently, he was hired by the country of Anguilla to help improve the tourism experience for international visitors. Peter’s business career encompasses diverse industries where he has served as Manufacturing Manager, Corporate Project Manager and Director of Organizational Development. He is also the President & CEO of High Performing Leadership, Ltd, and the author of the book, Leadership and the Road to High Performance.

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