Building Resiliency Skills

Building Resiliency Skills

Many of our students lack resilience and are unable to persevere when things get difficult or recover from setbacks. The fear of failure is often what impacts student performance beyond just raising their hand or taking tests and also affects how they perceive themselves, work with others, and problem solve obstacles. With the high percentage of students affected by trauma, or the increase of anxiety in the classroom, youth just aren't taking risks like they used to. 

This course will delve into what the research says about resilience and offer environmental and instructional strategies to increase risk taking and perseverance. 

Learn how to structure group activities that push students to collaborate, fail and recover, think out of the box, problem solve, reflect, and give and accept feedback. The structure of these activities align with CASEL core competency areas, can be easily applied to content related classes, and the skills transferred to various settings.

Come ready to move, play, and take home group activities that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow.

This workshop is formerly titled "Building Resilience in Schools".

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Building Resiliency Skills

  • Sarah Sherman Headshot

    Sarah Sherman

    Sarah Sherman has been teaching students with social/emotional and behavioral challenges from inner cities around the country to the Seacoast of NH for 20 years in the capacity of Special Educator, SEL Consultant, and Professional Development Instructor. Her goal is to help educators and administrators understand how SEL challenges, trauma/toxic stress, and what we know about neuroscience, impact student learning to provide support and practical strategies. She has a Masters in Special Education, is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, and completed Post-Graduate Certificates in Applied Behavior Analysis and Trauma Informed Practices and Policies.

    She combines her unique experiences, neuroscience and research-based practices, and strength-driven connection making to remove barriers and build skills in both students and adults. She presents in a relative and engaging way that is full of discussion, reflection, and application of content that leaves people inspired and prepared to make a change.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Brady Sullivan Tower - 1750 Elm Street, Manchester
Sarah Sherman
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