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Become a More Compelling Communicator and Leader By Becoming a Better Storyteller

While storytelling has been a hot business topic in the business world for years, many leaders, trainers, HR professionals, and coaches are unaware of the intricacies of storytelling which could make a huge difference in their ability to come up with the right story for the right situation and to communicate in a more fascinating and compelling way.
There’s also huge room for improvement in recognizing all the types of situations where stories can be used to facilitate change.
In this program, you will learn how to use stories drawn from real life work situations that can be used to:
1.    Make new hire orientation and training  programs more interesting and inspiring
2.    Improve your ability to recruit talent by making your recruiting message more believable and compelling
3.    Reinforce your cultural norms and values and help employees understand how to embody them in their jobs
4.    Help keep morale high and employees more connected with your organization’s mission and vision
5.    Provide better, more actionable feedback on what excellence looks like and how an employee can improve their feedback
6.    Communicate a hard-to-hear message in a non-confrontational way

Course Fee: $269.00 tuition (non-credit)

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Become a More Compelling Communicator and Leader By Becoming a Better Storyteller

  • David Lee

    David Lee is the founder and principal of HumanNature@Work. He is an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement. He is author of "Managing Employee Stress and Safety" as well as nearly 100 articles and book chapters on organizational and individual performance published in trade journals and books in the U.S. and abroad. He has held positions as a supervisor and trainer in the corporate world and a clinician and trainer in the healthcare field.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Live Online
David Lee
269.00 Tuition