Building Stronger Teams: The Parachute Principle

Explore the concept of "Who's Packing Your Parachute?" to understand the essential dynamics of teamwork and collaboration. Just as a well-packed parachute is crucial for a safe landing, a cohesive team is essential for success in any organization. We will examine the importance of trust, communication, and support within teams and how they directly impact productivity and overall team effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how trust is the cornerstone of a high-performing team and explore strategies for building and maintaining trust among team members. Learn how trust impacts decision-making, creativity, and innovation within teams.
  • Gain insights into the power of clear and effective communication in fostering teamwork. Learn practical communication techniques and tools to enhance collaboration and reduce misunderstandings among team members.
  • Understand the significance of mutual support and camaraderie within a team. Explore ways to cultivate a culture of support, empathy, and shared goals, leading to increased morale, employee satisfaction, and team cohesion.
  • Learn how to effectively address conflicts and challenges within teams and discover techniques for building resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, ultimately strengthening team bonds.

Instructor Bios


Building Stronger Teams: The Parachute Principle

  • Jodi-Tatiana Charles

    JODI-TATIANA CHARLES is the founder and “Brandographer™” of LCG Brands, a unique brand and marketing consulting firm dedicated to educating entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses (SMB/SMEs), and international professionals on the importance of growing their personal and corporate brands.


    She brings 30+ years of executive leadership in marketing, branding and communication successes with high profile organizations, including the Techstars, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, MassChallenge Inc., Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Massachusetts Conference for Women, NBC Universal/Comcast TV, and Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Radio. Charles added additional hats, as a children’s book author, with her first book, "It’s Just A Rug" educating children about their heritage and launching her podcast “Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana” at the start of the pandemic in support of SMBs, entrepreneurs, and innovators globally.


    She earned a BA from Suffolk University in Communications in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, a dual MBA from Babson College – Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business in Global Management and Strategic Marketing, and three Executive Education Certificates - Russia in Transition from Saint Petersburg State University, Global Business from Harvard University Business School, and Social Media Strategy: Creating Engagement, Insight, and Action from MIT Sloan.


    When not absorbed with all things marketing, Charles dedicates her time to children, elderly, arts and cancer causes, through road races, mentoring and volunteering.


    Charles sits on two boards, Marblehead Festival of Arts as President of the Board of Directors and Girl Scouts of Eastern MA as Board Member and chair of Long-Range Property Planning

09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
Jodi-Tatiana Charles
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