Employee Retention: Keeping the Best at UNH

Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

This course has been approved for SHRM PDCs

How do you build a workplace that attracts top talent and retains existing employees?

The race to attract, develop, and retain employees is a top priority for many organizations right now. Losing your best people impacts productivity, engagement and morale.

In this interactive workshop we will discuss strategies for employee retention and how to impact the employee experience.  Topics will include:

  • Reflections on employee retention
  • The connection between the employee engagement & retention
  • Strategies for employee retention
  • How to gain leadership support

Steps to improve retention are covered, including attracting talent, onboarding and training, communication, feedback, recognition, coaching, and company culture. This will be an interactive session with discussion o key topics, opportunities to collaborate/share experiences and time for reflection and action planning.  You will leave with specific ideas for implementing retention strategies in your organizations.

What You Will Learn


Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

The Leader’s Role

  • How do you build a workplace that quality employees want to remain with and quality outsiders want to be hired into?

Recognizing Employees’ Needs

  • Understanding each employee’s needs is critical. Each person has a unique personality, experiences, fears, strengths and motivational needs.

Tying Needs to Organizational Mission/Values

  • Employee retention is strengthened by an awareness of how he/she fits into the organization’s mission and values. Having a clear linkage from the top to each department and individual vertically throughout the entire organization supports this connection.

Why Employees Stay

How Do You Keep Employees?

Why Employees Leave

Tips for Detecting Potential Defectors

  • Are some of your employees thinking about leaving? Be aware of early stages of dissatisfaction.

Top Complaints From Employees About Their Leaders

Retention Strategies

Developing a Retention Strategy

Instructor Bios


Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

  • Instructor - Debbie Zimmermann

    Debbie Zimmermann

    Debbie Zimmermann's career as a Human Resources professional began over 25 years ago and includes 12+ years as a Global HR Business Partner and Strategic People Leader. Debbie has experience working for start-ups and large corporations in San Francisco, CA and Portsmouth, NH. She has been fortunate to work in diverse industries including Software & Technology, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Insurance Services. She has a passion for learning, partnering with business leaders and improving the employee experience.  She has enjoyed roles with a focus on developing company culture, fostering employee engagement and retention and taking the lead on Organizational Development discussions and Change Management opportunities.

    Debbie is currently self-employed as a Human Resource Consultant and has been working as an adjunct professor for the University of NH for over 5 years. During this time she has developed workshops in several areas including:  HR Leadership, Employee Retention, Introduction to HR and Compensation.  She is a trained facilitator in a number of leadership programs and team building assessments.

    Debbie graduated from the University of NH with a B.S. in Business Administration and minor in Psychology. She also completed her Masters Certificate in the Human Resource field from Southern NH University. In addition, she is a Nationally certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. She is also the former President and Vice President of the Marin Human Resource Association in San Francisco and Diversity Director for the Seacoast Human Resources Associate (SHRA) through SHRM.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
Debbie Zimmermann
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