Employee Retention: Keeping the Best at UNH

Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

How do you build a workplace that quality employees want to remain with and quality outsiders want to be hired into?

According to a 2017 SHRM/Globoforce survey, 47% of HR leaders cited employee turnover and retention as their top challenge. The race to acquire, engage and retain employees is as intense as ever. Losing your best people impacts productivity, disrupts leadership and can reduce company morale.

In this interactive workshop we will discuss strategies for employee retention and the importance of having a plan and taking action. An overview of avoidable turnover is explored:

  • Why do employees quit?
  • When are employees most vulnerable?
  • What can supervisors do to improve retention?

Steps to improve retention are covered, including onboarding and training, communication, feedback, recognition, coaching, and aligning team goals with company mission. Discussion, exercises, leadership and motivation assessments will be used to enhance the learning process. You will leave with specific ideas for implementing retention strategies in your organizations.

What You Will Learn


Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

The Leader’s Role

  • How do you build a workplace that quality employees want to remain with and quality outsiders want to be hired into?

Recognizing Employees’ Needs

  • Understanding each employee’s needs is critical. Each person has a unique personality, experiences, fears, strengths and motivational needs.

Tying Needs to Organizational Mission/Values

  • Employee retention is strengthened by an awareness of how he/she fits into the organization’s mission and values. Having a clear linkage from the top to each department and individual vertically throughout the entire organization supports this connection.

Why Employees Stay

How Do You Keep Employees?

Why Employees Leave

Tips for Detecting Potential Defectors

  • Are some of your employees thinking about leaving? Be aware of early stages of dissatisfaction.

Top Complaints From Employees About Their Leaders

Retention Strategies

Developing a Retention Strategy

Instructor Bios


Employee Retention: Keeping the Best

  • Irene Dickinson

    Irene Dickinson

    I am a human resources consultant specializing in human relations training and career coaching for small business owners and individuals.  “It is always about people,” is a favorite phrase of mine. I work closely with individuals to identify core values, goals, and develop strategies for growth and success.  The common ground for all organizations, whether private, public, for profit, or not for profit, is its workforce, its people. Human Resources professionals are the link for recruiting, hiring, training, and sustaining an organization’s workforce with strategic planning and technology. 

    My HR consulting practice is a blend of more than twenty years of experience in human resources management for small and mid-sized companies. I work as an executive coach with individuals and business owners to bring about purposeful change that is internal and permanent. My experience includes creating HR initiatives, developing teams, and designing training for middle and executive level managers regarding human resources issues and communications.   

    I’ve been an online adjunct faculty for regional colleges and universities since 2005, creating graduate and under graduate courses in Human Resources, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, and Relationship Management. 

    I earned an M.S. degree in Organization and Management from Antioch University New England with special interests in systems thinking and group dynamics. My B.A. in English has served me throughout my career as a communicator, instructor, and writer. I am very much looking forward to working with you. 

10:00am - 12:00pm
10:00am - 12:00pm
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Irene Dickinson
189.00 Tuition