The Inner Game of Workplace Success

Do you ever wonder why some people get promoted and others don’t?   Isn’t it puzzling that some people get taken more seriously than others?  Skills and seniority are important, but what catapults certain professionals ahead is on the inside:  an exceptional mindset that is critical to high achievement.  Recognition and rewards multiply when you cultivate a specific, intentional mentality that attracts respect and opportunities.

This course will teach you how to adapt your perspective to gain influence, maximize your value, and excel faster.

As a result of participating, you will:

  1. Learn the secrets to using your inner world as a superpower.
  2. Acquire ten central ways of thinking practiced by the most successful people.
  3. Expand your view of your own potential and what’s possible.
  4. Exude confidence and competence and perform at your peak.
  5. Be a positive, motivating, and engaging force wherever you go.

Note to supervisors:  This course will help your direct reports be even more invaluable contributors.  And what a great way to show your investment in their development!


Instructor Bios


The Inner Game of Workplace Success

  • Amy Wood

    Amy Wood, Psy.D., is a Maine-based psychologist who helps ambitious professionals achieve more and stress less through executive coaching, training, and speaking. She is author of Life Your Way  and Lawyer Like an Athlete, and co-founded Human-Centered Leadership. Dr. Wood has been accepted into the National Speakers Association and is often called on for her expert opinion by media ranging from Maine Public Radio to Parade Magazine.  She earned her doctorate at Adler University, graduated from the College of Executive Coaching, and is Hogan certified.

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