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Introduction to Data Analytics

Data analytics is all the rage today.  Companies are being flooded with data, however, Forrester Research finds that between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics.  Unlocking the potential of all that data requires that people outside the designated analytics team have the skills and tools to analyze data and use it to generate business value.  But as companies are more fully embracing this idea of “data democratization,” many employees don’t feel confident that they have the skills to comfortably and confidently work with data.  

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the tools and strategies that will equip them to work with data – to read it, accurately interpret it, and make business decisions based on it.  More and more today, employees from all levels of the organization, performing all functions, are called upon to use data in making their decisions.  It’s no longer the case that responsibility for analytics is confined to a small group of employees with highly-specialized skills.  It's time to start making an impact on your organization through data analytics.

What You Will Learn


Introduction to Data Analytics

This workshop is primarily designed for those without formal data analytics training, and who work with data on a regular basis.  The workshop will include multiple hands-on activities focused on real-world questions and issues facing organizations today.  Participants should possess a working knowledge of MS Excel, which will be used to illustrate concepts and techniques. 

By completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the most commonly-used analytics tools in business;
  • Gain hand-on experience applying those tools to business challenges;
  • Practice interpreting statistical results, and formulating data-informed recommendations;
  • Understand how to choose the appropriate tool for the question at hand;

Instructor Bios


Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Julie Alig

    Julie Alig, Ph.D

    Julie Alig, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of JLA Analytics, LLC, which helps organizations translate their data into actionable information.  After earning her Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Chicago, Dr. Alig spent 20 years in higher education administration providing C-suite decision support using predictive analytics and statistical modeling, data visualizations, and interactive dashboards, among others.  She has held multiple leadership and elected positions in the Northeast Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR), and has delivered workshops and talks on data analytics at both regional and national conferences in the higher education field.  Dr. Alig is active with the NH Tech Alliance, and with its initiatives surrounding women and girls in STEM.  

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