Leading Multicultural Teams

Leading Multicultural Teams

Corporate USA is becoming more and more diverse. Increasingly, teams are comprised of individuals originally from different countries and cultures. While research shows that diversity on a team fosters creativity, increased performance and growth, it can also present challenges. When individuals from different cultural backgrounds come together to collaborate, their different norms, values and perspectives come together as well. If you aren’t comfortable leading the different approaches and preferences, it can feel like you’re working in a foreign land yourself. Without open communication and a willingness to embrace differences, a team can feel disjointed and out of sync, causing rework, missed deadlines, frustration, and turnover. All of which result in additional time and cost. This interactive course will help you gain insights to different cultural norms and values in business; understand how to appreciate and leverage cultural preferences; and learn how to create a healthy multicultural team environment, all while supporting your team with less struggle.

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Leading Multicultural Teams

  • Marie Bankuti

    Marie Bankuti, PCC, CPCC, PMP

    An international Coach, Trainer and Speaker with more than three decades of experience in technology and leadership coaching and training, Tether Free Vision Founder, Marie Bankuti, specializes in helping leaders and teams bridge multicultural differences, so they can thrive in our global economy. Her work focuses on helping them develop Cultural Intelligence, build awareness, enhance communication, boost productivity and minimize conflict. Offering individual, group, and corporate coaching, Marie has worked with hundreds of individuals from more than a dozen countries.

    She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and a Project Management Professional (PMP), authorized to facilitate the Cultural Intelligence, Team Diagnostic™ and Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessments. Her Coaching and Leadership training is through Coaches Training Institute, Team Coaching International, and Cultural Intelligence Center, and her B.S. in Business Administration is from Emmanuel College. Marie is a member of the National Speakers Association, International Coach Federation, and Project Management Institute (PMI). To learn more and get in touch, visit TetherFreeVision.com.

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