Leading Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams

The modern workplace—with its virtual teams, diverse multi-culturalism, web of technological and organizational complexity, complicated structures, and rapidly changing internal and external environments--requires the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others at an individual and team level as never before. Virtual teams are remarkably similar to traditional teams with the main difference being that communication and team building occur more naturally in face-to-face teams. As a result, leaders of virtual teams must be more deliberate with their actions, behavior, and communication to ensure success for the team. This workshop will provide leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to greater levels of effectiveness. You'll discuss: best practices for building and maintaining trust and connection with virtual (remote) teams; how to establish clear team expectations based on business needs and outcomes to increase motivation and engagement; how to identify the unique capabilities of individuals to find the best team balance; the best combination of communication tools to maximize your communication effectiveness; and how to build a culture of accountability by manage performance—from a distance—more effectively. 

(This is part of the Leadership & Management and Supervisory Sills Certificate Programs, but you do not need to enroll in the programs to take this workshop.)

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Leading Virtual Teams

  • David Liddell

    David Liddell is the founder and CEO of SKYE Business Solutions. Established in 2002, SKYE improves the performance capabilities of company leaders, the skills and abilities of employees, and the profitability of organizations. David is a noted and respected speaker, coach, facilitator, and trainer. His problem-solving abilities and hands-on approach and expertise make him sought after by leaders who want breakthrough results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. He has held strategic leadership roles in major organizations and holds an engineering degree from Concordia University.

9:00am - 3:30pm
Portsmouth/Pease, 119 International Drive
David Liddell
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