Lower Your Risk of Ethics Complaints and Malpractice Actions in Mental Health Care

Strategies to Lower the Risk of Ethics Complaints and Malpractice Actions in Mental Health Care

This workshop reviews proactive strategies to reduce the probability of ethics complaints to community agencies and mental health licensing boards as well as the filing of malpractice suits against mental health practitioners.  The risks of such actions are discussed in the context of socio- cultural trends including the practices of managed care companies, the rise of “ political correctness”  and the overall decline and weakening of the mental health care system in many parts of the United States.

The similarities and differences between non-admirable behavior,  ethics violations and illegal behavior as well as the similarities and differences between complaints filed with community agencies, state mental health licensing boards and malpractice actions will be clarified.

This workshop also addresses erroneous assumptions/beliefs about ethics complaints and malpractice actions as well as risk factors which can increase the likelihood of clients going forward with such actions.  Also discussed are the clinical situations and professional roles that are likely to trigger complaints. As well, client and mental health practitioners' personal and situational vulnerabilities which can elevate risk for complaints will be outlined.

Risk management strategies to lower risk and mitigate the impact of a complaint or a malpractice suit will be reviewed.  These include how to compose and update effective informed consent forms, treatment notes and other office records as well as how and when to obtain consultation/supervision including collateral medical and specialty mental health evaluations.

6.0 Category A Continuing Education hours for licensure have been applied for through NASW-NH.

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Strategies to Lower the Risk of Ethics Complaints and Malpractice Actions in Mental Health Care

  • Jerrold Pollak

    Jerrold Pollak

    Jerrold Pollak, Ph.D., ABN, ABPP,

    Dr.  Pollak is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist  at  Seacoast Mental Health Center/SMHC,  Portsmouth,  New Hampshire where he works in the Emergency Services Department and is also involved in completing psychological/neuropsychological test evaluations of patients referred by SMHC as well as physicians and other health care providers in the community.

    He has been conducting workshops for Professional Development and Training, University of New Hampshire since the early 2000’s.

    Dr. Pollak is a diplomate of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology/ABN and the American Board of  Professional Psychology/ABPP

    He has published a number of articles including publications pertaining to non-suicidal self-harm and suicide as well as risk management for mental health clinicians.


09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
Jerrold Pollak
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