Motivational Interviewing Foundations

“Motivational Interviewing is a particular way of talking with people about change and growth to strengthen their own motivation and commitment.” (Miller & Rollinick, 2023)

This training is an introduction to the practice of Motivational Interviewing and will provide participants with an opportunity to explore creative ways of integrating this approach.

Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered, guided dialogue where the practitioner, in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing – compassion, autonomy, acceptance, collaboration, and evocation – has the overall goal of calling from the client their own internal motivation to change. This learning opportunity provides learners with an introduction to Motivational interviewing and focuses on the spirit, techniques and key principles of holding a Motivational Interviewing conversation.

This learning opportunity is highly experiential, and learners will participate in exercises designed to illustrate the concepts described and will be given the opportunity to discuss their experience of those exercises. The goal of this learning opportunity is for attendees to feel sufficiently familiar with Motivational Interviewing and to begin to utilize and embrace a culture of compassionate and collaborative conversation in their day-to-day interactions with the people they work with and serve.

What You Will Learn


Motivational Interviewing Foundations

Step 1: Teach and Learn. The trainer will provide the skills, compassionate spirit, and knowledge needed to deliver motivational interviewing.

Step 2: Demonstration. The trainer will show what each skill looks like and sounds like in practice.

Step 3: Practice. The trainer will offer the learners a chance to practice the new skill while being provided with expert supervision and coaching during practice. This teaching method provides one-to-one coaching throughout the training. Step

4: Debrief. The trainer will open a discussion about the new skills in order to deepen the learning and understanding of Motivational Interviewing skills.

Who Should Take This Workshop:

This workshop is open to everyone who wants to be helpful to another. It is open to all who would like to incorporate an empathetic lens into the work they do, the conversations they have, and the people they interact with and serve

Instructor Bios


Motivational Interviewing Foundations

  • Stephen Andrew

    Stephen Andrew

    Stephen R. Andrew LCSW, LADC, CCS is a storyteller, trainer, therapist and author. He maintains a compassion-focused practice in Portland, Maine and facilitates a variety of mutual aid support groups. A member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 2003, he became a Certified MINT Trainer in 2019. He is the co-founder of Agape, Inc. which supports the Men’s Resource Center of Southern Maine whose mission is to support boys, men and fathers and oppose violence and Dignity for People Using Opiates, a radical movement to change the conditions precipitating the opiate epidemic in our communities. Agape, Inc. also supports Inneredge Counseling which offers compassionate counseling services to those in need. Stephen has been a member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 2003 and became a Certified MINT Trainer in 2019. He has been a MIA-STEP trainer (Motivational Interviewing Assessment; Supervisor Training Program) for the New England ATTC since 2007. Stephen has been MITI (Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity) trained and has over 100 hours of training in Motivational Interviewing. Stephen provides coaching and training domestically and internationally (Singapore, Iceland, China, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Turkey & UK) for social service agencies, health-care providers, substance abuse counselors, recovery coach specialists, criminal justice, vocational rehabilitation, and other groups on motivational interviewing, addiction, co-occurring disorders, counseling theory, “challenging” adolescents, supervision and ethics for care professionals, men’s work and the power of group work, as well as supervising a coding/coaching laboratory and simulation lab and training for Motivational Interviewing. Stephen is the proud father of Sebastian. He is also the co-author of Game Plan: A Man’s Guide to Achieving Emotional Fitness and author of Love In Action and Listening Deeply

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