Winning the War on Talent

Securing Your Talent in a Tight Market

This workshop was formerly titled  "Winning the War on Talent: Employer Branding & Strategic Recruitment 101"

This workshop will tackle actionable steps you can take right now to help improve your organization’s recruiting, hiring, and retention processes.  We'll also look at how you can beef up your employer brand, helping you attract the talent you want, versus settling for the talent you get.

For many businesses, recruiting and hiring even a few new people each year can be taxing – on resources, time, and budget. When we don’t hire the right people, the pain points can ripple throughout the organization and significantly disrupt business continuity and productivity. In this workshop, we’ll focus on ensuring your organization’s talent strategy is clear, effective, and manageable, regardless of team size or if you have an in-house, dedicated recruiter or not.

We’ll also discuss how to scale and modernize your approach to talent acquisition, ensuring headcount is not solely being filled by old school “post and pray” methods, but by developing and nurturing an employer brand that aligns with your needs, budget, and ideal culture.  Regardless of whether you’re a small office with limited resources, or a growing organization that’s eager to stand out from the competition to candidates, this workshop will provide actionable tips and strategies you can put to work, right away.

Participants will get a full crash course on all-things talent acquisition, so no previous experience in recruiting or TA is required. A general understanding of whether or not their org/company takes interns, and an idea of how many full-time/part-time/temp hires their company brings on will be helpful for context, but is not mandatory knowledge to attend and benefit from this workshop.

This workshop is great for new/ junior recruiters; HR professionals who have found themselves now needing to understand the talent acquisition side; and for any business leader who wants to take a more active role in helping to develop a strong workplace culture, an effective talent strategy, and an employer brand that attracts best in class hires to join their team.

What You Will Learn


Securing Your Talent in a Tight Market

In this workshop we’ll tackle: 

  1. How to transition from more traditional recruitment strategies to more innovative ones.
  2. How to create proactive talent pipelines (with or without an ATS).
  3. How to leverage free/premium platforms to enhance your employer brand.
  4. How to use the advanced features in LinkedIn to target / cold source the exact talent you want to hire.
  5. How to improve your candidate experience throughout your hiring process so you don’t lose them before the offer is extended.
  6. How to launch an internship program and ensure you’re providing a top-notch experience for both students and your managers.

Instructor Bios


Securing Your Talent in a Tight Market

  • Krystal Hicks, Career Strategist | Founder, JOBTALK, LLC

    Krystal Hicks (UNH ’07) is a Career Strategist and the Founder of JOBTALK, LLC, a career counseling practice that provides inclusive and accessible one-on-one support to professionals in transition, as well as employer branding and recruitment consulting to companies looking to improve how (and who) they hire. Prior to starting her practice in 2019, Krystal spent 11 years in staffing, career services, and corporate recruitment, most recently overseeing all U.S. hiring for Lindt & Sprüngli in Stratham, NH where she helped expand diversity, overhaul their employer brand, and fill 220+ corporate roles without agency assistance. Krystal also served as UNH’s Director of Career Services and spent three years facilitating a weekly, pre-release employment program for inmates at the Strafford County Department of Corrections. In 2017, she was recognized as one of the Seacoast’s 10 to Watch winners for her economic development work and continues to teach her College to Career courses to undergraduate students at UNH’s Paul College. Her advisory, board, and committee history include Exeter’s Racial Unity Team, the Seacoast HR Association, BLM Seacoast, and Shtudy.co, a UNH alumni-founded platform that helps companies connect with recent graduates of color.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Brady Sullivan Tower - 1750 Elm Street, Manchester
Krystal Hicks
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