layers of soil showing different soil compositions

Soil Genesis

6 CEHs for Wetland and Soil Scientists, 1.5 CEUs for Surveyors
6 CEUs for Foresters

Also approved by NEIWPCC, on behalf of MassDEP, for 6 TCHs for MA Title 5 Soil Evaluator renewal or activation. Auth. # T516-0023

The Soil Genesis workshop is designed to be a foundation for the additional courses required for soil scientist certification in New Hampshire. It is also relevant for those currently working as wetland scientists and soil scientists or in related fields in New England. The workshop includes lectures and discussions with illustrations, examination of hand samples, and field examination of soil profiles. It will cover:--soil formation and how each of those factors impacts the development of soil morphology;

--weathering, illuviation, podsolization, reduction/oxidation reactions (REDOX), erosion/deposition, hydrologic environments, etc.; and
--soil orders and soil description methods. 

Dress appropriately for field work in case there is an opportunity to observe examples of the processes discussed.

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Soil Genesis

Granite State College
25 Hall Street
Concord, NH 03301

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Soil Genesis

  • Thomas Peragallo

    Thomas Peragallo is a Certified Soil Scientist and Wetland Scientist with 39 years’ experience, including 12 years with the NRCS, authoring the Soil Surveys of Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk counties Massachusetts, and 24 years as a private consultant. He has worked throughout New England and is currently employed with LEC Environmental Consultants, Inc., leading their New Hampshire office. Tom is a co-chair of the New England Hydric Soil Technical Committee and chairs the NH Board of Natural Scientists.

9:30am - 4:30pm
Thomas Peragallo
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