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UNH Professional Development & Training is the leading drone operator training solution in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The UNH Drone Academy offers open enrollment programs for engineers, land surveyors, city planners, photographers, academics or hobbyists and can also offer custom programs that can be brought to you or your area.

All Experience Levels

The UNH Drone Academy was created in effort to offer training for all levels of experience. From beginner to expert, our instructors are always prepared to tailor our trainings to your needs.

Hands-On Flight Time

Our prioritization of hands-on flight time, crucial one-on-one instructional support, and customizable programming is what sets UNH apart from the rest. Take flight with UNH and our own fleet of UAV/UAS models.

Certificate & Exam Prep

Earn your UNH Drone Academy Certificate to demonstrate your flight and operation skills to employers/organizations. Commercial pilots can pass the Part 107 exam with ease with our exam preparation workshop.

Upcoming Drone Workshops

Drones (UAV/UAS)

Interested in GIS/GPS Mapping workshops? Find them here.


Introduction to UAV/UAS/Drones

Let's take a look at how UAV technology has changed since its arrival, to where we can predict it will go in the future. On top of this, students will grasp a better understanding of the current state of UAS technology, along with a firm understanding of local laws, licensing, documentation, business applications (starting/using for business), and much more.

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Drone sUAS Operations & Applications

This two-day hands-on course will cover various aspects of drone/UAV operation and applications. Topics covered will include: understanding airspace restrictions, preflight planning, on site assessment, emergency procedures, mission planning, camera settings, advanced settings, and flight display.

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Part 107 Test Preparation

This workshop introduces students to the FAA’s Part 107 non-hobbyist small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) regulations and the associated Part 107 Certification test. By the end of this workshop students will be more prepared to successfully pass the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test.

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Drone sUAS Videography & Photography

Students will receive training in video camera setup, camera maneuvers, shooting practices, pre and post-production planning, and film editing. In addition, the workshop will review safe flying practices with an emphasis on current FAA airspace regulations, rules and privacy concerns.

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Business Applications

Learn and explore the different methods and ways to implement drone UAV/UAS technology to your current, or future business models.

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Mapping & Inspection

Dive into the operations and applications of mapping and inspection techniques and learn why UAV/UAS technology is truly the future of this field.

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UNH Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator Certificate

The Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator Certificate Program will provide you with the skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate UAS equipment. Through a number of elective workshops, you will gain skills in operation, business, local/national laws, licensing, photography, videography, & more.


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Custom Training Opportunities

Searching for specific/private training for your business, organization, or team? The UNH Drone Academy is currently accepting custom training inquiries. Our team of flight instructors can work to accommodate special requests throughout New England. Once we receive your inquiry, we'll set up a meeting with you to develop a one-of-a-kind training solution that meets your availability, budget, and content needs.

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FAA certified UAS Collegiate training initiative program

The University of New Hampshire is proud to announce the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected the UNH Drone Academy for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Collegiate Training Initiative program, or the UAS-CTI. The program recognizes institutions that prepare students for careers in UAS while providing curriculum covering various aspects of UAS training.

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The Academy in the News

From package deliveries to indoor inspections, drone industry gaining speed

“We saw the use of drones kind of skyrocketing,” said Kyle Hirshkind, program manager at the University of New Hampshire Drone Academy. “We’ve seen pretty much every year the industry explode a little bit more, and that brings more to our end and what we can do and what we can train people to do.” Read More

With drone use booming, officials urge new operators to be safe while flying

"The UNH certificate proves that you know how to fly a drone safely, legally," said Kyle Hirshkind, program manager for the UNH Drone Academy. UNH started its program in 2017. "We see people from every sort of industry come through the class nowadays, a lot of police officers, emergency response officials, real estate agents, retirees," Hirshkind said. Read More

Drone Ownership 101 - New Hampshire Magazine

There is a lot to learn before taking flight. Kyle Hirshkind, the program manager for the UNH Drone Academy, says they began classes for commercial pilots in 2017 after the interest in drones really took off. The workshops help commercial pilots pass the necessary tests, plus learn how to fly the craft and take and process video and stills.  “We see police officers, real estate agents, photographers, farmers and hobbyists sign up for our two- and four-day classes,” says Hirshkind. It’s hands-on training, as they offer a fleet of practice drones for student use. Read more

Taking Flight - Drone Academy Trains Tomorrow's Workforce

Jim Cloutier isn’t afraid to admit it: He’s addicted to drones. Cloutier and his wife started Red Dog Aerial Media, which specializes in photos and video taken using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, for businesses, broadcasters, real estate companies, construction firms and others. He’s also an instructor for Drone Academy, a new program from UNH Professional Development and Training (PDT) that immerses drone operators in the basics of safely flying and operating drones. Read More