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The First Weeks of School: Off to a Great Start!
August 6 | Portsmouth, NH

Join Mike Anderson, award-winning teacher and best-selling author, to kick off the school year in style! This active and interactive one-day workshop will help you get ready for the new year with many practical ideas and strategies. Designed for classroom K-12 teachers of all experience levels, this workshop will give you strategies for:

  • Teaching the routines needed to support independent learning
  • Teaching positive discipline
  • Blending social, emotional, and academic learning early in the year
  • Building positive relationships with students
  • Developing strong and supportive communities of learners
  • Boosting students' intrinsic motivation

Additionally, you'll receive access to an online binder of resources to support your learning and implementation after the workshop is finished.

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Social Work & Counseling
Portsmouth & Manchester Offerings

Explore topics in neuroscience, coaching children with ADHD, mental health training, & more!

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