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Inclusive Classrooms: Improving Equity and Outcomes for All Students
January 17th | Manchester, NH

Collaborative teaching between a classroom teacher and a special education teacher is the foundation of creating a classroom where all students can successfully access the general curriculum. The day will be spent examining the most promising practices of co-teaching and examining one school’s journey toward moving to a co-teaching model. Teachers in this school and field will share their knowledge and experience with participants as they consider a co-teaching model for their classroom, grade, department, or school.

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Adlerian Counseling & Therapy: Moving from Trauma to Resilience
March 1-3, 2019 | Portsmouth, NH

Learn to assess and conceptualize presenting issues from an Adlerian, trauma-focused perspective and then implement creative strategies and techniques that improve client resilience and psychosocial adjustment.  The training will introduce new advances in Adlerian theory and practice focusing on strategies and techniques that facilitate growth and psychosocial wellbeing. The training provides an alternative developmental, psychosocial paradigm to the psychobiological focus of the psychiatric field.

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This Brew's For You
This Brew's For You

Connor Roelke '15 gives coffee drinkers a wake-up call.

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