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Responding to Concerning Behavior in Classrooms
Nov 20, 2019 | North Conway, NH

In this workshop, participants will learn evidenced-based classroom strategies for responding to concerning behavior in children and adolescents. These strategies will be organized to address student’s escalating behavior when they are in survival brain, driven by the limbic system and irrational thinking and unable to process information effectively as well as in learning brain when self-control and rationale thinking can be supported.

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Mindful Communication
Nov 20, 2019 | North Conway, NH

Participants in this workshop will practice the fine art of opening fully to the moments of their lives, recognition of communication concepts as internal and external influences on behavior, and awareness to make emotionally intelligent decisions. The workshop includes an overview of elements of the Communicating Mindfully curriculum along with interactive communication exercises, group discussion, public speaking, and an exploration of meditation and mindfulness.

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