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UNH Professional Development & Training offers a variety of non-credit, continuing education programs for professionals in education, counseling, and social work.

Topic areas include General Education, Paraprofessional and Special Education, Counseling and Social Work, K-12 Suicide Prevention, and more. You can enroll at any time with flexible class formats that include one-day workshops, multi-day certificates, boot camps, and online programs.

Start your school year off right with our certificate in Social and Emotional Learning!

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Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent Girls

Teen girl looking down and out

April 12, 2024 | Live Online

Drug use, self mutilation, sexual acting out, panic attacks, truancy, sadness, social isolation and suicidal ideation can all be manifestations of clinical anxiety and depression in adolescent females.

This workshop will address how to differentiate mood disorders from "normal" adolescent moodiness and oppositional behavior. Descriptions of treatment tailored to this developmental period will be explored. This workshop is appropriate for people working in schools, group homes, and other related settings.

6.0 Category A Continuing Education hours for licensure have been applied for through NASW-NH.

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Success Avoidance: Why Students May Avoid Opportunities to Achieve

tired boy with head downApril 15, 2024 | Manchester

Achieving success may require changes in personal identity. Rather than threaten the security of a familiar self-perception, students may choose to sabotage their success. Learn how the “fear of success” affects a student's behavior and why traditional reward-centered approaches sometimes appear to have the opposite intended effect. This presentation will move through the theories to hands-on approaches that can be incorporated immediately in educational settings.  

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Therapeutic Storytelling for Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, and Educators

young boy walking across book bridge

May 1, 2024 | Manchester

Therapeutic storytelling is a powerful, yet gentle and non-intrusive, way of inviting people to see their problems from a different perspective, package hard-to-hear feedback and ideas in a non-threatening way that doesn’t trigger defensiveness, and help people break free from inertia and a sense of helplessness. The approach to therapeutic storytelling taught in this seminar is based on the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, who was renowned for his ability to use hypnosis, storytelling, and “curiosity-inducing homework assignments” to help clients find their own unique answers to their problems. 



Be Your Best Paraeducator

female student with paraeducatorMay 3, 2024 | Portsmouth

Engage in a day of open dialogue and problem-solving to deepen and strengthen your practice as a paraeducator. This workshop is designed for paraeducators and will focus on examining the role of paraeducators in special education. Participants will engage in interactive discussions about improving communication with classroom teachers and support staff. The course will cover the collection and utilization of educational and behavioral data for interventions, along with strategies to foster academic, social, and emotional growth in students.


Self-Care Resources for Educators

Empowering Educators Coping with Stress title pageEmpowering Educators Coping With Stress

Free 30-minute webinar led by Hannah Mariotti, Educational Consultant, and Sarah Wagner, School Psychologist. Based on UNH Professional Development & Training’s full-day workshop “Empowering Educators Coping with Stress.” According to research nearly half of teachers experience high daily stress. How do we cultivate positivity, especially in challenging times? Learn to uphold an optimistic nature and renew your passion for teaching with research-based effective and simple steps that can be applied both in and out of the classroom.

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K-12 Suicide Prevention Training

Teenage girl staring at a wall with arrows pointing left and right

In-Service Training for Educators, Administrators, and Staff Working with Youth

This 2-hour training for school personnel meets the requirements set out in SB (Senate Bill) 282 for suicide prevention education in public and charter schools. Evidence-based training will include identifying:

  • youth suicide risk factors,
  • warning signs,
  • response procedures,
  • referral post-intervention,
  • and resources available within the school and community.

Requirements of the act, such as identifying a person within the school as  the point of contact when a student is believed to be at risk for suicide, and parent education will be reviewed.


Professional Skills Certificate

Are you intersted in deepening your skills, developing a competitive resume, or positioning yourself for a career change? A professional skills certificate is a great way to accomplish all of that. UNH Professional Development & Training offers certificate programs in 26 content areas.

Most of our certificate programs are self-paced and may be completed within two years with a range of electives and required workshops, which allows for customization to your interests within any certificate area. Certificate programs are time- and cost-effective and provide a strong foundation for the next phase of your career. Skill-build for the job you want!

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Digital Badges

In today's digital job market, first impressions can be everything. Leverage your professional presence with a digital badge to show off your hard-earned credentials. Whether on LinkedIn or your personal website, a digital badge demonstrates your professional competencies and qualifications at a glance.

UNH Professional Development & Training, in partnership with Credly, currently offers digital badges in six topic areas, and several are issued in partnership with an accompanying certificate program.

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Custom Workforce Training

Does your business or organization require group training? PD&T can help! Our Custom Training services offers a high-quality, individualized cirruculum, hands-on training with an instructor, and scheduling flexibility to meet your needs. Most of our signature programs can be customized for individual group trainings, or we're happy to work with you to develop a program just for you, no matter what the topic area.

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