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UNH Professional Development & Training offers a variety of non-credit, continuing education programs for professionals in education, counseling, and social work.

Topic areas include General Education, Paraprofessional and Special Education, Counseling and Social Work, K-12 Suicide Prevention, and more. You can enroll at any time with flexible class formats that include one-day workshops, multi-day certificates, boot camps, and online programs.


Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools

August 2 | Live Online

Trauma informed practices benefit all students and can be a universal approach that's easier to implement than you think. Learn about the research behind trauma and toxic stress and how it affects the brain and learning/behaviors in order to recognize the signs and symptoms, so we can shift our mindset and how we're perceiving challenges.

Build your toolbox of practical classroom and schoolwide strategies to clearly identify and remove barriers to student success, teach and model coping skills, and build connections with even the most difficult students. Re-think traditional discipline procedures and move towards a focus on restorative practices and repairing relationships. You will walk away with evidence based practices that you can implement in your classroom the very next day.

Program Note: This workshop was formerly titled Trauma Informed Instruction.


Building Resilience in Schools

August 4 | PortsmouthBuilding Resiliency in Schools

Many of our students lack resilience and are unable to persevere when things get difficult or recover from setbacks. The fear of failure is often what impacts student performance beyond just raising their hand or taking tests and also affects how they perceive themselves, work with others, and problem solve obstacles. With the high percentage of students affected by trauma, or the increase of anxiety in the classroom, youth just aren't taking risks like they used to. 

This course will delve into what the research says about resilience and offer environmental and instructional strategies to increase risk taking and perseverance. 

Learn how to structure group activities that push students to collaborate, fail and recover, think out of the box, problem solve, reflect, and give and accept feedback. The structure of these activities align with CASEL core competency areas, can be easily applied to content related classes, and the skills transferred to various settings.

Come ready to move, play, and take home group activities that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow.

This workshop is formerly titled Building Resiliency Skills.


Cognitive Frameworks in SEL

August 16 | Live OnlineCognitive Frameworks in SEL

There are several major cognitive functions required for successful development and participation in social/emotional learning. Learn what they are, how they impact each other, and what it looks like in the classroom, so we can better remove barriers, provide supports, and teach skills in these areas.

When we understand the role of cognitive functions in learning/behaviors, we can better understand these deficits as lagging skills instead of laziness, bad choices, or opposition. Then, we’ll build your toolbox of practical and evidence based classroom strategies that are brain based to better help students with social/emotional challenges.

Classroom Strategies for Executive Functioning

August 3 | Live Online

Learn what the latest research says about ADHD and Executive Functioning in children to better understand the impacts in the classroom such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self regulation/inhibition.

You will walk away with practical, evidence based strategies to improve these areas and specifically improve attending, organizing/planning, task initiation, managing emotions, and self-monitoring. Since many other students often struggle with various executive functioning due to trauma, anxiety, or disabilities, these strategies can be applied for a variety of populations.


Understanding the Special Education Process and IEP

August 13 & September 10 | Pittsfield

An educator working one-on-one with a special needs student

This workshop will provide all teachers new to the profession and paraprofessionals with a better understanding of the special education process. Participants will be guided through the process from suspicion of a disability - referral, evaluation, determination of eligibility, and development of the individual education program (IEP) - to on-going monitoring. A practical approach of using IEPs for which educators will actually be responsible will be used to deepen participants’ understanding of their role and responsibility relative to their students with disabilities.

Includes 16 hours of professional development!

Behavior Plan Basics

August 17 | Portsmouth

An educator working one-on-one with a special needs student

If your go-to behavior intervention is sticker charts, developing a behavior plan intimidates you, or you're tired of other professionals writing behavior plans for students in your class, this workshop is for you.

Behaviors are a common part of classrooms and when some can't be managed with typical Tier I classroom management techniques, we need to think about more individualized plans to prevent and respond to behaviors. Learn the basics of behavior, evidence-based Tier II and III interventions and how to identify which is right for your student, and the basics of developing Behavior Plans that work.

Self-Care Resources for Educators

Empowering Educators Coping With Stress

Free 30-minute webinar led by Hannah Mariotti, Educational Consultant, and Sarah Wagner, School Psychologist. Based on UNH Professional Development & Training’s full-day workshop “Empowering Educators Coping with Stress.”

According to research nearly half of teachers experience high daily stress. How do we cultivate positivity, especially in challenging times? Learn to uphold an optimistic nature and renew your passion for teaching with research-based effective and simple steps that can be applied both in and out of the classroom.

Watch nOW


K-12 Suicide Prevention Training

Teenage girl staring at a wall with arrows pointing left and rightIn-Service Training for Educators, Administrators, and Staff Working with Youth

This 2-hour training for school personnel meets the requirements set out in SB (Senate Bill) 282 for suicide prevention education in public and charter schools. Evidence-based training will include identifying:

  • youth suicide risk factors,
  • warning signs,
  • response procedures,
  • referral post-intervention,
  • and resources available within the school and community.

Requirements of the act, such as identifying a person within the school as  the point of contact when a student is believed to be at risk for suicide, and parent education will be reviewed.


Professional Skills Certificate

Are you intersted in deepening your skills, developing a competitive resume, or positioning yourself for a career change? A professional skills certificate is a great way to accomplish all of that. UNH Professional Development & Training offers certificate programs in 26 content areas.

Most of our certificate programs are self-paced and may be completed within two years with a range of electives and required workshops, which allows for customization to your interests within any certificate area. Certificate programs are time- and cost-effective and provide a strong foundation for the next phase of your career. Skill-build for the job you want!

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Digital Badges

In today's digital job market, first impressions can be everything. Leverage your professional presence with a digital badge to show off your hard-earned credentials. Whether on LinkedIn or your personal website, a digital badge demonstrates your professional competencies and qualifications at a glance.

UNH Professional Development & Training, in partnership with Credly, currently offers digital badges in six topic areas, and several are issued in partnership with an accompanying certificate program.

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Custom Workforce Training

Does your business or organization require group training? PD&T can help! Our Custom Training services offers a high-quality, individualized cirruculum, hands-on training with an instructor, and scheduling flexibility to meet your needs. Most of our signature programs can be customized for individual group trainings, or we're happy to work with you to develop a program just for you, no matter what the topic area.

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