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Boldly Rising: A Conference and Retreat for Women Leaders

While progress continues to be made regarding the acceptance and occurrence of women in leadership roles in the workplace, the path for fully embracing, leveraging and moving more talented women forward is still unclear.

Boldly Rising is an immersive and interactive conference and retreat purposefully designed for seasoned, new and aspiring women leaders alike who desire and are eager to:

  • Resonate – Develop meaningful and mutually supportive connections with other women leaders.
  • Elevate – Rise above to higher consciousness levels of thinking and being.
  • Accelerate – Evolve further and faster on the path to more fulfilling achievement.

By participating in Boldly Rising, you take a proactive step and play the lead role in determining your own leadership development path and way forward.

Taking a holistic approach based on positive psychology, neuroscience and long-standing as well as the latest research on specific challenges and opportunities facing women leaders today, Boldy Rising will equip you with deeper self-awareness, new skills, increased courage and actionable strategies to overcome obstacles that are limiting you to surviving instead of thriving in your leadership role.


What You Will Learn


Boldly Rising: A Conference and Retreat for Women Leaders

Key topic areas include:

  • Reconnecting with your authentic self
  • Exploring the mind-body connection
  • Being emotionally intelligent
  • Cultivating compassion in business
  • Communicating and connecting effectively with others
  • Projecting a positive presence
  • Making self-care a priority
  • Minimizing and managing stress
  • Leveraging the power of community
  • Making career decisions and taking action

Immersive and interactive experiences include:

  • A woman-specific leadership self-assessment
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Small group discussions
  • Peer coaching circles
  • Personal reflection and journaling
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Gentle physical movement
  • Time in inspiring nature
  • Meaningful connections within a supportive community

Travel & Site Information


Boldly Rising: A Conference and Retreat for Women Leaders

University of New Hampshire
The Browne Center
340 Dame Road | Durham, NH 03824 


Instructor Bios


Boldly Rising: A Conference and Retreat for Women Leaders

  • Deb Schuler

    Debra Schuler

    Debra Schuler, B.S., Management is a leadership development facilitator, coach and consultant who helps adults and youth lead themselves with more clarity and purpose to achieve greater fulfillment and success. Her work with individuals and organizations incorporates the research-based principles and evidence from neuroscience and positive psychology, as well as more than 20 years of corporate learning and development experience in large, global technology companies. Debra is a certified Professional Trainer (Association for Talent Development) and earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She is a certified CoreThemes™ career consultant and certified instructor for “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” https://www.ensolifebydesign.com/

09:00am - 03:30pm
Browne Center
Debra Schuler
1200.00 Workshop Fee