Simple and Sustainable Self-Care Strategies to Support Employee Well-being

Many organizations are making well-intended efforts and significant financial investments in providing wellness programs for their employees in response to dramatically increased levels of stress and struggle during these past few years. While this is a positive and promising step headed in the right direction, research is revealing that a more systemic understanding of and focus on the most essential elements of employee wellbeing is needed to ensure sustainable, successful advancement.

Whether you are seeking self-care strategies for yourself individually, for the team members you manage or the organization you are responsible for leading, this workshop will help you better understand all the critical components of wellbeing in the workplace and provide a framework for holistically planning and implementing self-care strategies and practices that support employees as whole people and can help boost attraction, engagement and retention of precious talent.

Course topics will include the subtle but significant difference between wellness and wellbeing, the essential elements of employee wellbeing that can be focused and positively acted upon to shift from surviving to thriving and research-based tips for updating current or implementing new wellbeing initiatives at work.

This workshop is beneficial for individuals or managers of teams or departments looking for practical strategies to boost employee wellbeing, engagement and performance, as well as for Human Resource professionals responsible for researching and recommending progressive talent development and management strategies and programs for their organizations.

What You Will Learn


Simple and Sustainable Self-Care Strategies to Support Employee Well-being

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the similarities and differences between wellness and wellbeing at work and discern the opportunities and challenges of implementing wellbeing practices or programs for yourself, your team or your organization.
  • Learn researched-based models to understand and apply a holistic “whole person” approach to your workplace wellbeing improvement efforts.
  • Explore and practice a wide variety of easily accessible self-care strategies and tools for sustainably managing stress and staying more balanced.
  • Develop a strategy and action plan for taking the next steps toward improving current or implementing new wellbeing initiatives at work for yourself, your team or your organization.


Instructor Bios


Simple and Sustainable Self-Care Strategies to Support Employee Well-being

  • Deb Schuler

    Debra Schuler

    Debra Schuler, B.S., Management is a leadership development facilitator, coach and consultant who helps adults and youth lead themselves with more clarity and purpose to achieve greater fulfillment and success. Her work with individuals and organizations incorporates the research-based principles and evidence from neuroscience and positive psychology, as well as more than 20 years of corporate learning and development experience in large, global technology companies. Debra is a certified Professional Trainer (Association for Talent Development) and earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She is a certified CoreThemes™ career consultant and certified instructor for “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” https://www.ensolifebydesign.com/

09:00am - 03:30pm
Online - Virtual via Zoom
Debra Schuler
289.00 PDT-Workshop
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