Drones (UAV/UAS) and Emergency Management

This two-day workshop is designed for police, fire and search and rescue professionals. It is highly recommended that students enrolling in this workshop complete the UNH Drone Operator workshop. Topics covered in this program include:


  • Regulations, missions, requirements and operations
  • Pre-mission preparation
  • Roles in emergency response situations
  • Decision making and drone operation in high-stake contexts
  • Weather and emergency response missions: constraints and opportunities
  • Obtaining COAs and flight permission
  • Managing visual line of sight requirements in rough terrain and/or weather
  • Technology and emergency response: optical/IR sensors, camera(s), eye in the sky and payload considerations
  • National Search and Rescue plan, structure and services
  • Types of rescue and topography nuances
  • Supporting agencies and resources
  • Developing standard operating procedures (SOP) for emergency response
  • Building a new emergency response/SAR UAS program from scratch: equipment, SOPs, buy-in, insurance, equipment management, licensing and other considerations
  • What is the right UAV for SAR?
  • Mission plan examples and case studies
  • Gathering, sorting, analyzing and archiving ER/SAR mission data
  • UAV vendors and ER/SAR
  • Privacy and forensics
  • Temporary flight restrictions and airspace requirements

In addition to classroom-based discussion, this workshop includes significant hands-on activity to help apply concepts learned to real-world emergency response/SAR missions. Missions will  include a focus on accident assessment, 3-D mapping, rapid response and other scenarios that introduce students to the complexities of high-stakes drone operation.
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