Violin Craftsmanship Institute Online Workshop Information

Welcome Letter: UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute Online 

We look forward to another season of in-depth, interactive online workshops. See below for online workshop information and tips for getting the most out of your online VCI experience.


Tuition, discounts & related costs:

Online Pricing: Tution has been adjusted to reflect the online format; all full-week online workshops are priced at $999/week. Students who enrolled before the March 10 transition to online will be issued a partial refund or an adjustment to their outstanding tuition balance. 

Refund Policy 

Students who registered before 3/10/21 are eligable for a full refund, including the $100 deposit, should they decide that they are unable to participate online or are not interested in online workshops.  Students who register after 3/10/2021 may drop a class at any time prior to its start date, and will receive a refund minus the $100 nonrefundable deposit. To drop your workshop(s) and recieve a refud, please email


Zoom Tips

Students are recommended to have a desk or workbench dedicated to your VCI work for the duration of your course, with ample lighting and space to work. Each student will also need a laptop or personal computer with video-call capability and internet/Wifi access in order to attend their workshops via Zoom. It’s important that your instructor is able to clearly see your work in order for you to participate in the workshop and receive feedback.

  • While it is possible to attend online workshops using a laptop or tablet with a built-in webcam, this limits the angle at which students can show their work. Some students find it helpful to aslo use an external webcam on a tripod or gooseneck stand, or to log on using both a laptop and a smart phone. This allows you to show the instructor your view of the work, and can assist in instruction. 
  • Online workshops begin at 10am; please feel free to log in to the meeting 10-15 minutes early to ensure that your equiptment is functioning and connection is stable.
  • You will be emailed the link to your Zoom workshop by the end of day on the Friday preceeding the workshop. Please look out for emails from and, as these will contain the Zoom link and other important meeting information. If you haven't received your Zoom link by 4pm on Friday afternoon, please check your spam folder and reach out to Abigael Sleeper for the link.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, we recomend learning more about the program before your workshop. Official tutorials and troubleshooting help can be found here.