Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at UNH

UNH Professional Development & Training is now offering a variety of non-credit, open enrollment, continuing education programs designed to promote lifelong learning. 

Available for people of all ages and skills levels, workshops are designed to keep the mind fresh and body active.  There are no tests, no grades, and no prerequisite requirements - just a love learning.

Check out our wide range of programs from nutrition and martial arts to planning for retirement and international travel.  Enroll today and enrich your life with knowledge and skill tomorrow.

Craft Brewing Certificate

Begins Sept 12th | Live Online

Become immersed in the realm of Craft Brewing. The UNH Craft Brewing Certificate program serves as a valuable gateway into the world of beer and professional brewing. Whether you are brand new to the industry, or are looking to expand on your own current methods of crafting, this certificate program will provide extensive insight to get you on the right track.

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Music/Audio Engineering

Begins November 5th | Portsmouth

UNH Professional Development & Training in partnership with Cybersound Studios currently offers two workshops in Audio Engineering. Learn and understand about the use of audio equipment and microphones as well as principles of critical listening, digital audio, Pro Tools, and recording in our Basic Techniques course. In our Mixing & Mastering course, students will learn how to properly mix and master music comparable to those competitive in the modern industry.

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Smartphone Photography

To Be Announced Soon!

This class will teach the fundamentals of using the camera on your Android or iPhone. Whether you want better pictures of your kids, your fancy dinner out, your travels, or even your small business, this class will help you take better pictures.

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Art Programs

UNH Professional Development & Training offers a variety of non-credit, continuing education art programs led by the UNH Art Department faculty. Explore the attributes of drawing, painting, sculpting, welding & more. You can enroll at any time with flexible class formats that include one-day & multi-day workshops.

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Discovering the Universe for Yourself

New Dates Coming Soon!

Discovering the Universe for Yourself is for anyone who has ever looked up into the sky and wondered what it was all about. No previous knowledge of astronomy is necessary and neither is a telescope. However, if you have a telescope and feel you do not know how to use it properly, this is your chance to learn about it and actually use it. 

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Retirement Planning

New Dates Coming Soon!

Develop an action plan to make retirement happen as everyone should have this choice!

This hands-on workshop will have each individual leave with an action plan and budget regardless of current age, career status or financial position.  We'll also revisit the perspective of the word "retirement" as today's generation are living much longer, are much more active and are starting new careers in their 70's, 80's and beyond!  Topics include:

  • First, the non-financial side
  • And then, the financial side
  • And finally, develop your customized time line, budget and plan

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