Upcoming Natural Resources & Sustainability Workshops

Carbon Footprinting Certificate Program:

This certificate program will help you turn a sustainability passion into action in an increasingly in-demand field. Learn the fundamentals fo tracking and managing a carbon footprint, also called a greenhouse gas inventory (GHG), in a certificate program that is accessible for technical and non-technical professionals alike.  After completing the Carbon Footprinting Certificate Program, you will be prepared to tackle a GHG inventory for your school, organization, business, or community for an institution, company, or community. 
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Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator Certificate:

This certificate is designed for those who would like to familiarize themselves with UAS equipment and safety protocol while learning more about how UAS technology is being used in different contexts. Our workshop offerings are tailored to the current spectrum of UAS applications, and prepare people of all experience levels for confident and safe flight. While the FAA only requires a Part 107 license for commerical flight, our certificate has proved to be well worthwhile for those looking to bring UAS applications into their business and/or expand their professional flight log. The FAA currently does not administer any type of user flight test in regards to UAV operation, which is where the UNH Drone Academy has come in. 
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Soil Science


Stormwater Management Certificate Program:

This certificate is designed for landscape architects, engineers, surveyors, project managers and others involved in designing, building and maintaining stormwater management systems, which impact sustainability of their communities. Students will learn about site-scale hydrology, site design, system design, post construction performance estimates, modeling, and more. They will gain an enhanced understanding of the watershed impacts of infrastructure design and maintenance choices, and be equipped with best practices for sustainable stormwater control measures that are highly functional, cost-effective and that protect water resources. 
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Wetland Delineation

Wetlands Certificate Program:

The Certificate Program in Wetland Delineation will provide you with practical skills on how to use different methods of wetland evaluation, better understand the rules and processes behind evaluation, how to properly classify wetlands throughout New England, and much more. The program is offered in Portsmouth, Manchester, Durham, and at various off-site locations.
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Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator

Stormwater Management