Unlock AI's Potential with the UNH Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp

The online UNH AI Boot Camp is a comprehensive 24-week part-time program designed to prepare you for success in the artificial intelligence field. As a student, you'll explore various technologies like Python, machine learning, generative AI, natural language processing, and chatbots. Whether you're starting a tech career, advancing in the field, or want to learn how to apply AI in your current job, this AI and machine learning boot camp is for you.

  • Gain expertise in Python coding, external APIs, data modeling and forecasting, neural network models, deep learning, ethics in AI, and more through our comprehensive curriculum.
  • Walk away with a portfolio of projects in solving data, machine learning, and AI problems, all of which will help you stand out in a competitive job market.
  • Access our career engagement network, and connect with potential employers regardless of when you completed the boot camp.
  • Benefit from 24/7 on-demand learning support and personalized tutoring.
  • Access to a global network of more than 250 employers actively looking to hire AI talent.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from UNH Professional Development & Training, and showcase your newfound AI skills to potential employers.

Join our boot camp to learn AI online and accelerate your path to a rewarding career in the fast-growing AI field.

Online Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp Overview

To equip you for success in the artificial intelligence field, our comprehensive curriculum covers Python coding, external APIs, data modeling and forecasting, neural network models, deep learning, ethics in AI, and more.

Curriculum for the Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp

Our intensive 24-week online AI boot camp will teach you a range of programming, data, and machine learning skills. In the program’s interactive sessions, you will learn to create Python-based scripts, utilize APIs with Python Requests and JSON parsing, and work with data-driven programming languages and libraries.

Engage in live online classes three days a week — for a total of nine hours of scheduled in-class time per week — and a minimum of 20 hours outside of class for practical projects and practice, including hands-on projects that will enrich your professional portfolio.

This course is tailored for busy professionals like you, and offers the structure and support you need to achieve your career goals. Throughout your studies, you will benefit from a dedicated instructional team, tutor network, and peer group.

The UNH AI Boot Camp curriculum is designed to meet market demands, and covers essential topics such as:

  • Programming for artificial intelligence
    •  Fundamental Python syntax
    •  Python coding logic and reasoning
    •  Python script and dictionary creation
  • Emerging topics
    •  Generative AI
    •  AI applications outside the computer
    •  Active research areas
    •  Ethics and regulation
  • Natural language processing
    •  Natural language processing
    •  Tokenization
    •  Word models
  • Making predictions with data
    •  Data modeling
    •  Data forecasting
    •  Time series data
  • AI ethics
    •  Legal and ethical considerations
    •  Data reproducibility
    •  Algorithmic bias
    •  Data privacy regulations
  • Machine learning optimization
    •  Evaluating model performance
    •  Imbalanced data
    •  Model selection for success metrics
    •  Limitations of traditional models
  • Deep learning
    •  Deep learning vs. neural networks
    •  Deep learning on TensorFlow and Keras

The portfolio you will build will show your skills at tackling data, machine learning, and AI challenges, and will help you stand out in a competitive job market. Once you’ve successfully completed your boot camp, our career engagement network will open doors to potential employers and ongoing career support.

To apply for the next online AI boot camp session, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Fill out our course interest form to express your interest in the program.
  2.  An admissions advisor will contact you to discuss the course and your goals.
  3.  Complete a short application form to provide more details about your background and interests.
  4.  Take a multiple-choice critical thinking and problem-solving assessment to assess your readiness for the program.
  5.  Connect with admissions to discuss financial options and payment plans.
  6.  Finalize your enrollment by paying your deposit.
  7.  Start your boot camp journey and unlock the potential of AI in your career. 


Our part-time AI boot camp program costs US$11,000.*

Interest-Free Payment Plan
Pay an initial deposit and split the rest of your tuition into monthly installments over the length of the program with no interest.

24-Month Interest-Free Payment Plan
Once approved, you’ll pay your deposit and split the remaining tuition over 24 monthly installments with zero interest.

Pay in Full Discount
Pay in full at the time of enrollment and receive $500 off your total fee.

Alumni Scholarship
Alumni are eligible for a $500 scholarship.

Climb Credit
Helps students find and fund career training programs.

*Tuition is subject to change.




Frequently Asked Questions

How can you use artificial intelligence? 
Artificial intelligence can be used in various ways, including automating repetitive tasks, refining decision-making processes, enhancing customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants, tailoring user experiences, and analyzing complex datasets to extract valuable insights. 

How can you learn artificial intelligence?
There are many ways to learn to use artificial intelligence in your work and daily life. Our boot camp offers something that other means of learning may not: real-world projects and direct human feedback so that you can advance to the next level with confidence, a support network of peers and experts, and the opportunity to build a professional portfolio that you will be able to showcase to potential employers.

What are examples of artificial intelligence?
AI is transforming industries and daily life through its many applications. From virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to recommendation systems used by Netflix and Amazon, AI improves user experiences and decision-making processes. Autonomous vehicles rely on AI for safe navigation, while fraud detection systems use AI algorithms to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Facial recognition technology, another AI application, is increasingly used for security and identification purposes. AI also plays an important role in medical diagnosis, automated trading, language translation, robotics, and gaming.

What is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is a growing field dedicated to developing machines capable of simulating certain aspects of human intelligence. Within the field of AI, machine learning stands out as a crucial subset that enables machines to learn from data without explicit programming. Essentially, machine learning serves as a practical technique to realize the broader goal of achieving artificial intelligence.

Open for Enrollment

UNH AI Boot Camp
Acquire the skills to pursue a successful career in artificial intelligence in just 24 weeks. Our next AI Boot Camp starts soon, and will give you the chance to build a professional portfolio, network with future employers, and participate in collaborative opportunities that mimic real-world working environments. Apply today!

AI and Career Opportunities

Those who complete our AI boot camp will be qualified for a variety of different roles, including:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Analyzes large datasets to identify trends, patterns, and insights that inform strategic business decisions and optimize operational efficiency. 
  • AI Consultant: Assesses clients' needs and challenges, providing expert advice on integrating artificial intelligence solutions into their businesses, optimizing workflows, and maximizing ROI.  
  • AI Research Analyst: Conducts in-depth research to explore emerging trends, advancements, and applications in artificial intelligence, contributing insights to drive innovation and development within the field.
  • AI Product Manager: Leads the conceptualization, development, and launch of AI-driven products and features, overseeing the product lifecycle from ideation to delivery, ensuring alignment with market needs and business objectives

Receive a Digital Badge

UNH AI Boot Camp Digital Badge
Participants who successfully complete the UNH AI Boot Camp program will automatically receive a digital badge microcredential that verifies their accomplishment and skill that can be shared on social media, blogs, and online portfolios.  Upon completion of the UNH AI Boot Camp, participants will receive an email with further information for claiming their badge. For more information on digital badges with UNH PD&T, click here.

University of New Hampshire AI Boot Camp, offered in partnership with edX, is made available through a unique consortium delivery model to provide skills-based learning to participants across New Hampshire and beyond. Participants will be taught by a university-approved instructor, while learning alongside students from other consortium-participating universities and institutions. Upon meeting the completion requirements, participants will be issued a Certificate of Completion from UNH Professional Development & Training.