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Current 2020 Business & Industry Workshop Schedule

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Computers & Technology
Digital Design
Digital Marketing
Human Resources
Life and Wellness
Leadership & Management
Nonprofit Management
Project Management


Professional Coaching Certificate Program:

This certificate program is designed exclusively to meet the needs of the evolving coaching profession. It provides a structured, but flexible, program that includes a five-session seminar covering core principles and practices, and two one-day specialization seminars that will equip you with the necessary toolbox of techniques to become a skilled and confident professional coach in a career or life satisfaction capacity. Learn More


Communication Skills Certificate Program:

Expressing messages in positive and powerful ways is crucial; this certificate program is designed to improve communication skills through a broad spectrum of offerings covering writing, presentation, and interpersonal communication strategies. Learn More

Computers & Technology

Coding Boot Camp Certificate Program:

This 24-week program is for working professionals interested in web development or who are actively seeking a career change or advancement. Even better, you can work full-time while you learn the skills to become a professional web developer. Learn More

Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator Certificate Program:

Offered in partnership with the NH Department of Transportation, this program is designed for current or future UAS pilots based in New England. Familiarize yourself with UAS equipment and safety protocol while learning more about how UAS technology is being used in different contexts. Learn More

Digital Design

Digital Design Certificate Program:

In today’s ever-growing digital industries, the line between graphic design and web development is becoming increasingly blurred. Designers and front end developers often find themselves working collaboratively, using the same mix of tools and terminology, in the creation and delivery of diverse digital projects. This Certificate Program is comprised of two required workshops and four electives. LEARN MORE

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Certificate Program:

The UNH Digital Marketing Certificate is designed to keep your marketing skills, and your company’s sales, ahead of the competition. Learn from industry experts on topics that cover social media, email marketing, paid media, owned media, website design, analytics, and strategic planning. Learn More

Human Resources

Human Resources Certificate Program:

This program is designed for individuals in the human resources field, both experienced and newly-assigned, who desire additional training. Topics to be covered range from the technical aspects of administration to the human relations issues surrounding working with a diverse workforce. Learn More

Leadership, Management & Supervision

Leadership & Management Certificate Program:

Leadership ability is not bestowed by high rank or title; it is an ability to motivate and influence others, to instill vision and purpose, and to guide others to accomplish the overarching goals of the organization. The program provides an opportunity for you to explore the attributes of leadership and management that will enhance your skills, knowledge, and capabilities as a leader. Learn More

Supervisory Skills Certificate Program:

This certificate program has been developed to train new or inexperienced supervisors in the interpersonal aspects of supervision, and to help or assist established supervisors to advance their skills. Learn More

Life & Wellness

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Management Certificate Program:

The Nonprofit Management Certificate Program will provide you with the skills necessary to effectively manage a nonprofit organization. Through both required and elective workshops, you will gain skills in financial management, board development and governance, fundraising, and planning and evaluation. Learn More

Project Management

Project Management Certificate Program:

The UNH Project Management Certificate program consists of a series of workshops that presents project management as a business process that can be applied to any organizational structure or situation. The program will provide anyone responsible for, or participating in a business initiative or project, with valuable information and skills that can be implemented immediately to sustain improved business results. Learn More

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program:

Lean Six Sigma combines two of the most powerful improvement methodologies in modern history—Six Sigma and Lean. This course is designed for business professionals looking to enhance their value to organizations that need to optimize critical business processes and enhance a culture of continuous improvement. Learn More

Agile-Scrum Master Certificate Program:

This two-day hands-on class teaches students the Agile Project Management Methodology as well as the underlying Scrum process including sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, and all the diverse skills required of a certified Scrum Master. Learn More

PMP Test Prep Boot Camp Certification Program:

The PMP Test Prep Boot Camp Certification is designed to prepare you to take the Project Management Institute's PMP® Exam. This Boot Camp is a unique offering that gives students the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully pass their PMP exam. Learn More