Women's Leadership Series

Women's Leadership

What does leadership mean for women in the workplace today? While great strides have been made towards women’s empowerment and equality, there is still work to be done. Join UNH Professional Development & Training for our ongoing Women’s Leadership series, which will challenge you to explore your role as a female in the workforce, and help provide you with a toolbox for personal and career success.

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Our Women's Leadership Series features one-day and multi-day workshops and conferences that are designed for women, by women, to give you the confidence and skills necessary to advance in work settings, personal growth and career advancement. Take a look at our current offerings below:

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Women's Leadership Retreat: Lead Like a Woman

August 13 & 14 | Durham, NH

In this intensive program, you’ll look at research-based as well as field-tested approaches to women’s leadership and discuss women’s strengths and how they align with your organization’s model for leadership. You’ll focus on “self” as the primary instrument of leadership effectiveness and look at how problems are defined, issues are resolved and how your strengths can engage others strategically.  Learn More & Register



Coaching the Woman Executive

May 21 | Portsmouth, NH

Coaching the Woman Executive breaks new ground in the field of coaching. You will learn how to coach women leaders so that they understand their unique capacity to lead, rather than having to adapt to previous leadership theory focusing on men, or "one size fits all” approaches.

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Lead Like a Woman: Intentional Career Planning for Quality of Life

June 4 & 5 | Durham, NH

This is a seminar designed for women, by women, to give you the confidence and skills necessary to advance in work settings reflective of today’s “new normal”: reactive, frequently understaffed, and highly dependent on the talent readiness of its workforce. We therefore provide the kind of career strategies that reflect this workplace reality and demonstrate ways to make it work for you. 

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Finding Your Voice: Powerful Communication Skills for Women

June 18 | Manchester

In this workshop, you will learn: the link between role expectations and women's performance, differences in female and male styles of expression, how to project a more assertive image, how to express yourself assertively in a way that feels comfortable to you, how to handle conflicts and confrontations effectively, how to express your opinion, and how to ask for what you want. 

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