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What does leadership mean for women in the workplace today? While great strides have been made towards women’s empowerment and equality, there is still work to be done. Join UNH Professional Development & Training for our ongoing Women’s Leadership series, which will challenge you to explore your role as a female in the workforce, and help provide you with a toolbox for personal and career success.

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Women's Leadership Conference

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Boldly Rising: A Conference and Retreat for Women Leaders​

June 12-14, 2024 | UNH Browne Center | Durham, NH

While progress continues to be made regarding the acceptance and occurrence of women in leadership roles in the workplace, the path for fully embracing, leveraging and moving more talented women forward is still unclear.

Boldly Rising is an immersive and interactive conference and retreat purposefully designed for seasoned, new and aspiring women leaders alike who desire and are eager to:

   Resonate – Develop meaningful and mutually supportive connections with other women leaders.
   Elevate – Rise above to higher consciousness levels of thinking and being.
   Accelerate – Evolve further and faster on the path to more fulfilling achievement.

Boldy Rising will equip you with deeper self-awareness, new skills, increased courage and actionable strategies to overcome obstacles that are limiting you to surviving instead of thriving in your leadership role. 


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Zainab Qari, Program Manager

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