Dealing With Poor Performance and Problem Attitudes

Dealing with Poor Performance and Problem Attitudes

“I do my job! What you want requires a ‘personality transplant’ and that’s not going to happen!” In today’s overburdened work environment, as a manager you may have heard an outcry similar to this from someone you supervise.

In this workshop, you will look at ways to deal with problem situations and people. Is it personality or performance? How do you translate a problem attitude into a performance issue? What behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable, and why?

You’ll learn how-to communication skills to address these behaviors, identify when a difficult personality becomes a performance issue, and explore key actions to take to correct the situation. In the end, discover how to turn conflicts into cooperation, emotion into reason, and hidden agendas into honest dialogue.

Course Fee: $269.00 tuition (non-credit)

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