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About the Leadership & Management certificate program

This program is offered in Portsmouth, Manchester, and Lincoln. The core program consists of the High Performing Leadership Residential Program, Applied Leadership Institute, or one of the two Women's Leadership retreats, plus three electives chosen from a variety of topics. The program provides an opportunity for you to explore the attributes of leadership and management that will enhance your skills, knowledge, and capabilities as a leader. You are required to complete the program within two years. For those wishing to complete the program sooner, sufficient topics are offered each year.

Why Earn a certificate in Leadership & Management?

There are many schools of thought concerning leadership. If you believe that within the scope of every job and position, the potential for leadership not only exists, but is demanded, this program is for you. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, team or project leader, or someone who wants to enhance their leadership and management abilities, this certificate program will focus on a variety of skills that enable you to become a better leader and manager. Leadership ability is not bestowed by high rank or title; it is an ability to motivate and influence others, to instill vision and purpose, and to guide others to accomplish the overarching goals of the organization.

Certificate Requirements

 To earn your certificate in Leadership & Management, you will need to:

  • Complete one (1) of the four "required" options below:
  • Complete three (3) "elective" workshops, listed in the schedule below.
  • Enroll in the Leadership & Management Certificate program. To enroll in the certificate program, add the "Certificate Enrollment fee" to your cart at checkout when signing up for any of the elective workshops (an additional, one-time fee of $50).

Upcoming Workshops

Leadership & Management


What PD&T Students Are Saying

Laura Towne headshotThis workshop helped me to realize what I wanted in an organization in terms of employee engagement and a supervisor. It also taught me more about what I wanted to provide to others as a leader and was the catalyst for me making a much-needed shift in my career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual workshop varies in cost. You may view the tuition price of each workshop by following the links above. Payment when registering can be completed on a class-to-class basis, or all together. There is also a one time $50 certificate administration fee.
Select your workshop(s) above and continue to "Enroll Now." Follow the steps provided to register for the workshop and reserve your seat. To enroll in the certificate program, add the "Certificate Enrollment fee" to your cart at checkout when signing up for any of the elective workshops. 
We highly recommend registering for these workshops early as they tend to fill up. Some workshops may have limited seats/spots availableEnrollment may close up to five days prior to the workshop start date.

You may view the location of each workshop above and/or when registering for a workshop. Specific directions to the workshop location will be provided upon registration or can be found here.

If the workshop you are registering for is listed as "Live Online," the workshop will take place in a live virtual format via Zoom. More information will be provided upon registration.

For specific information and necessary materials, please view the individual workshop page for the workshop you would like to register for. You may be required to have certain materials and/or applications downloaded to participate in the workshop. Reminders about this will be provided via email upon registration. You may also contact us with any questions.
This may be due to the workshop being at maximum capacity, canceled, or not currently scheduled. We recommend checking back routinely for updates. You may also contact us for further information.

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