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Updated 6/15/2020


UNH Professional Development & Training is aware that the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is of concern to our stakeholders, and we have taken steps to curtail and modify all current programs so that they are operated in accordance with the University of New Hampshire's guidelines on COVID-19.

For the Summer 2020 semester (June 15 to Aug 31), the vast majority of UNH PD&T programs have been moved online or rescheduled for classroom dates during the Fall 2020 semester.  A handful of essential programs will take place in a face-to-face setting during Summer 2020 but will do so under the following criteria - including, but not limited to:

  • Notifying enrolled individuals in advance about PD&T/UNH COVID-19 prevention protocols, and requesting that anyone experiencing symptoms within the last 14 days/with a confirmed exposure not participate; 
  • Implementing a maximum cap of 8 participants (+ 1 instructor, 1 staff member), or 9 participants with no staff member in the room;
  • Maintaining a six-foot distance between individuals at all times; 
  • Disbursement of a single-use mask to all guests upon arrival, and requiring use of masks at all times when participating in the program;
  • Making hand sanitizing stations readily available at all building entrances and within classrooms;
  • Directing contracted instructors to limit person-to-person interactive activities;
  • Providing all course packets digitally, and disinfecting any workshop materials distributed prior to and after the event, or disposing of them (i.e. pens, sticky notes, etc.); 
  • All food and beverage will be individually prepared and boxed by an approved caterer, and bottled water will be provided to participants (participants will not be permitted to bring their own food or beverage into the facility, except in the case of a specific dietary restriction PD&T is unable to accommodate);
  • Signage will be posted on shared restroom facilities requesting limited capacity;
  • All guests will be required to submit to a health questionnaire upon entering the facility;
  • If any guests exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, they will be asked to leave the program immediately, and the program may be discontinued if any risk to other guests is assessed; 
  • A written plan will be put in place for staff members, documenting local clinic locations for testing, PD&T/facility protocols, location of first aid kit, etc.;
  • Any deliveries to our facilities will be quarantined for 4+ days, and then disinfected;
  • Additional cleaning services will be secured for classrooms, common areas, and restrooms; 
  • PD&T will immediately adopt any new guidelines put in place by the University, State of New Hampshire, and/or the CDC to ensure maximum safety for all involved. 

Please note that the University of New Hampshire is taking a phased approach to resuming in-person programming, and these operating criteria are subject to change during the Summer 2020 semester. Students enrolled in Summer 2020 face-to-face essential programs will be notified of current protocol in advance of their class sessions via email.  Refunds and transfers will be granted to any student enrolled in a face-to-face program who no longer wishes to participate.

Enrollment is now open for many Fall 2020 semester PD&T programs (Sept 1 - Dec 31).  Many of the programs are scheduled to be traditional face-to-face classroom trainings but may be moved online due to future recommendations for distance learning in accordance with the University of New Hampshire's COVID-19 guidelines.  Any Fall 2020 semester updates will be posted on this page and all enrolled students will be notified by email of any anticipated curtailments.

- UNH Professional Development & Training

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