Digital Marketing Certificate

Recent studies have shown that upwards of 80% of Americans now shop online and that number only continues to grow year after year. This trend has led to a seemingly endless number of digital platforms, tools, and tactics that marketers have at their disposal to attract consumers. But with so many channels to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, out of date, and in the end, out of business.

The UNH Digital Marketing Certificate is designed to keep your marketing skills, and your company’s sales, ahead of the competition. 

Learn from industry experts on topics that cover social media, email marketing, paid media, owned media, website design, analytics, and strategic planning. 

It’s simple - earn your short-term, non-credit certificate by completing any six Digital Marketing elective workshops with UNH PD&T. 

Program flexibility allows for you to take only those courses you're interested in and on your schedule.  You can complete your certificate work in as short as three months or as long as two years.

The UNH Digital Marketing Certificate is designed for:

  • Seasoned marketers needing to stay current with digital trends and tools.
  • Those who don't have a marketing background, but have started to take on digital marketing responsibilities at work.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who often find themselves wearing a marketing hat.

Certification Requirements:

  • Completion of six (6) "elective" workshops

Certificate requires completion of six "elective" workshops within a two year period.

To enroll in the Digital Marketing Certificate program, add the "DM Certificate Enrollment fee" to your cart at checkout when signing up for any of the elective workshops.  (An additional one-time $50 fee.)

Or enroll in any of the workshops below individually.  Certificate enrollment is not necessary.

Spring 2022 Certificate and Open Enrollment Workshop Schedule:

Digital Marketing Certificate Digital Badge:


Participants who successfully complete the UNH Digital Marketing Certificate Program will automatically receive digital badge that verifies their accomplishment and skill.Digital Badges can be shared on social media such as LinkedIn as well as blogs and  online portfolios. 

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