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Project management isn’t just for project managers, engineers, and IT professionals. As an organization grows, the number of changes being proposed and implemented increases, as well as the number of stakeholders involved in the change. More changes often require additional technology and resources, potentially affecting customers and revenue, and therefore increasing business risk. What once was simple in a smaller organization can quickly have the potential of becoming complex and costly.

This project management certificate program consists of a series of workshops offered in our New Hampshire training centers that are on the leading edge of where project management is headed. Project management is presented as a business process that is an extension of the organization's planning process, not just a series of isolated methods and techniques. You will apply project management principles to specific business situations, as well as learn methods for influencing others in applying sound practices across your organization. The program will provide anyone responsible for, or participating in a business initiative or project, with valuable information and skills that can be implemented immediately to sustain improved business results.

Upon completion of the program, you will have:

  • Experienced various real-life project management scenarios, including technical projects, individual projects, and cross-functional team projects
  • Gained valuable information from experienced instructors who practice these techniques on a daily basis
  • Gleaned unique ideas from professionals from other organizations and industries

You are required to complete the program within two years. For those wishing to complete the program sooner, sufficient topics are offered each year.

Required Workshops (2)


Introduction To Basic Project Management

This two-day workshop breaks down the process of planning and implementing projects into easily mastered steps. It will focus on the concepts, practices, and tools of real-world project management.

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Topics in Advanced Project Management

This workshop offers the experienced project manager advanced techniques for increased productivity and success. You will focus on the concepts, practices, and tools of real-world project management while expanding your personal project management skill set.

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Electives (Choose 3)


*Note: Introduction to Basic Project Management is a prerequisite for Advanced Project Management, unless you have the instructor's approval.

2018 Project Management Conference

June 1, 2018 | Durham, NH

Keeping up with the latest tools, trends, and strategies is essential for project management professionals to lead effectively and efficiently. Continue to develop the critical technical skills you need to succeed in today's workplace at the annual UNH Project Management Conference.

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