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Project management isn’t just for project managers, engineers, and IT professionals anymore.  All members of a work team are now required to use the same tools, tactics, language, and methodology for projects to run smoothly - on time and on budget.

The UNH Project Management Certificate program consists of a series of workshops that presents project management as a business process that can be applied to any organizational structure or situation.

The program will provide anyone responsible for, or participating in a business initiative or project, with valuable information and skills that can be implemented immediately to sustain improved business results.

Program flexibility allows for you to take only those courses you're interested in and on your schedule.  You can complete your certificate work in as short as three months or as long as two years.

Certificate Requirements:

Certificate requires completion of one "required" workshop and four "elective" workshops within a two year period.

To enroll in the Project Management Certificate program, add the "PM Certificate Enrollment fee" to your cart at checkout when signing up for any of the workshops.  (An additional one-time $50 fee.)

Fall 2020 Certificate Workshop Schedule:

Spring 2020 Certificate Workshop Schedule:

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