Digital Design Certificate

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In today’s ever-growing digital industries, the line between graphic design and web development is becoming increasingly blurred. Designers and front end developers often find themselves working collaboratively, using the same mix of tools and terminology, in the creation and delivery of diverse digital projects. This Certificate Program is comprised of 6 elective workshops. You have the option of earning a general Digital Design certificate, comprised of a mix of graphic design and web development topics, or a Digital Design certificate with a concentration in either Graphic Design or Web Development.

In the Graphic Design concentration, you will dive deeper into the world of Adobe Creative Cloud, gaining hands-on experience and learning how to conceptualize, create and deliver design ideas from start to finish. In the Front End Web Development concentration, you will obtain a deep understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as how to utilize tools and frameworks such as Photoshop and WordPress to design webpages, templates and web graphics. Workshops are offered in Durham and Manchester.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Completion of six (6) "elective" workshops

Certificate requires completion of six "elective" workshops within a two year period.

To enroll in the Digital Design Certificate program, add the "DD Certificate Enrollment fee" to your cart at checkout when signing up for any of the elective workshops.  (An additional one-time $50 fee.)

Fall 2020 Certificate Workshop Schedule:

Spring 2021 Certificate Workshop Schedule:

More to be announced soon!

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